"Wind from Luoyang" film Fang Duan is overturned, Huang Xuan's hot search is doubled, strength is allocated to traffic?
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“Wind from Luoyang” film Fang Duan is overturned, Huang Xuan’s hot search is doubled, strength is allocated to traffic?

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Recently, “Wind from Luoyang” has a bit of a lot of noise, but it’s not because the new drama starts to attract expectations, but because of frequent starring contests and hot searches.

Earlier, it was reported on the Internet that “Wind up Luoyang” will be starred by Huang Xuan, Wang Yibo, Song Qian, and the three starring roles have set off on the Internet. Yesterday the official Weibo announced the starring lineup. I thought that everything was settled. It caused even greater controversy, and netizens felt sorry for Huang Xuan.

The reason is that Huang Xuan’s official announcement is one, but the hot search has turned into three. This confusing operation makes netizens say that they don’t understand. In addition, “Wind Up Luoyang” is adapted from Ma Boyong’s novel and is a male Song Qian’s hot search on Weibo has become a bit of a novel, and this move has also been questioned by netizens that Song Qian’s team is operating in a dark box, and there are more and more distressed discussions about Huang Xuan.

Huang Xuan’s strength is obvious to all. He is an actor with good looks, acting skills and many representative works. “A Dream of Red Mansions”, “Tuina”, “Red Sorghum”, “Miyue Biography”, etc. are all his representative works. The performance in the play has also been recognized by the audience. At the same time, he has worked with well-known actors such as Yang Mi, Liu Shishi, Zhou Xun, Sun Li and they are all important roles in the play. In general, Huang Xuan’s celebrity status is not bad, but he did not expect that a good hero will be Stir-fried three times.

Some netizens said that Huang Xuan has personally proved that the acting school with no traffic is going to be sacrificed to heaven. This will inevitably lead to a topic, is there really no way out for powerful actors today when the traffic is so popular? Is the battle for fandom really that important?

The drama “Blame You Too Beautiful”, which was broadcast some time ago, is a good answer to everyone’s doubts. It is an indisputable fact that traffic can quickly attract attention, and it can quickly make an artist popular and drive the project to make money. In “Strange Beauty”, Mo Xiangwan personally supported two traffic stars, and under the operation of capital, he abruptly turned the role of the heroine into the heroine, the yin and yang script, the scandal operation, and the fans tear each other here. The dramas are well presented.

From the establishment of a drama to its birth, it has always been a contest of capital.

The purpose of the actors competing for the position is very clear. The position is a symbol of status and represents their own strength and resources. The purpose is to attract more attention and attract the attention of the capital.

Is the management not clear that the flow is not as good as the capable actors in acting? The employers naturally know this, and the investors are not stupid, but the strong flow makes people jealous. That is a huge amount of wealth, a cake that everyone wants to share.

Employers want to attract traffic and ensure the quality of the drama. Therefore, the common mode in recent years is the flow of traffic to support the viewing, and the powerful actors are assigned to ensure the quality of the TV series. A traffic without acting skills is staring in the TV series. Send actors to work silently behind them.

This is unfair, realistic and cruel.

So, can the traffic be played with one card to pass the level? Can the audience accept it in full?

Obviously, this is not the case.

Traffic can attract attention and support in a short time, but if there is no outstanding work, it is just bare-handed. In the past few years, there have been many cases of capital investment traffic filming market feedback but terrible.

For example, “The Lonely Beauty Doesn’t Appreciate” starring Yang Ying is known as a cut-out drama, and has been nailed to the pillar of shame and ridiculed by the crowd. “Pocahontas in Cocoon Town” starring Victoria Song was also ridiculed for her acting skills and couldn’t bear to look directly at it. If it weren’t for her efforts to improve her acting skills, it would not be just passers-by audiences who would persuade her to leave. “Sweet Crit” starring Lu Han not only gave the audience a crit, but also hit the capital. And “Shanghai Fortress” also proves that the era of traffic will eventually pass without strength. No matter how large the traffic is, the audience will not pay for a bad film, nor will they pay for a stronger fan. The audience never All I care about is a TV and the quality of a movie.

At present, the three leading actors of “Wind from Luoyang” have not made any response. Huang Xuan and Wang Yibo did not mention anything about the matter. Only Song Qian posted on Weibo to indicate that she was preparing a new drama. I don’t know if it was “Wind from Luoyang”. .

The celebrities are secretive, but the fans collectively fall into madness. The official Weibo of “Wind up Luoyang” praised Wang Yibo, and the official also followed Wang Yibo’s super-talk, this kind of superficial Duanshui master actually secretly pokes things. The behavior is really incomprehensible.

It can only be said that flow and power are all pawns manipulated by capital, and those who have the last laugh are all game masters.

As far as traffic is concerned, it’s not enough to have fans alone. We don’t care who is right and who is wrong in this battle of “Wind up Luoyang”, people with strength will naturally be seen by others, but he has put in a lot more effort than others, but as long as he stands firm, Then it will stand tall.


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