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William Chan revealed that after the Spring Festival Gala performance, Tong Liya was rejected for a dinner, the reason was so funny

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As we all know, today is New Year’s Eve, and it’s time to spit out the Spring Festival Gala every year with melon seeds and mobile phones. The hosts Nigmaiti, Ren Luyu, Li Sisi, Long Yang and Zhang Tao will sit in the main venue for everyone. Brings a wonderful presentation. Many stars are among them, it can be described as star-studded. Actors Tong Liya, William Chan, and Jiang Shuying also gave the audience wonderful singing and dancing performances in the opening performance!

As for the opening song and dance “All the best”, they represent different nationalities and come from different places, meaning unity, singing all the best, handsome guys and beautiful girls gathered together, the picture is very eye-catching. , Especially Tong Liya in a silk-like red dress. While celebrating her festivity, she perfectly showed off her charming collarbone and ant waist. It was very eye-catching. It can be said that Tong Liya’s performance today gave the audience a satisfactory answer. !

When William Chan and their performance were over, when William Chan was interviewed, he also frankly said: The Spring Festival Gala has become a New Year’s Eve program. Whether you watch it or not, everyone will turn on the TV and let the Spring Festival Gala sit by and listen to it. The Spring Festival Gala is missing, and the New Year’s taste is missing. Working with Tong Liya, Jiang Shuying and others, I am also very happy!

Later, William Chan also ridiculed: But now Tong Liya and the others have changed. After the Spring Festival Gala performance, he also called Tong Liya and the others to come out to have a hot pot together, but they refused. This also made the netizens puzzled. Regarding this, too Explanation: Yaya said that she was eager to go home with her baby this time, and told us singles to hurry up, otherwise they would be urged to get married again! Hahaha, this is why everyone laughs!

Of course, Tong Liya is no longer the weak and low self-esteem she used to be. Now she is full of her aura, confident and beautiful, and she has become the most highly anticipated queen. The Three Spring Festival Gala is the best recognition of her ability and strength. She also has a wonderful performance in the movie “Assassination of the Novelist”!



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