Sforum - Latest technology information page 74216699_464994704148044_2152619290719682560_n Vsmart TV revealed with 55-inch screen, running Android TV, will be released by the end of the year?

Will Vsmart TV come with a 55-inch screen, running Android TV, coming later in the year?

Does Vsmart TV belong to an affordable price segment for Vietnamese users?

Just last month, it was reported that VinSmart will soon launch a Smart TV line through recruitment of employees for the new factory, but today, the first images of Vsmart TV have been revealed. And even though it's just a picture of an outside box, we can guess some interesting information from these images.

Specifically, today, on some technology groups on Facebook, a user has shared a box image of a Smart TV manufactured by VinSmart called Vsmart TV, the same name as the brand of Vsmart phones. On the box of the device is printed with the code name "55KE8500", from this code name we can predict this will be a Smart TV model with a 55 inch screen size, a common size on the market today.

In addition, the box of the device also contains the logo of Android TV, confirming Vingart Vsmart TV will be integrated Android TV operating system with Google Play app store with diverse applications optimized for Smart TV devices. This is an advantage of Vsmart TV when compared to other Smart TV models running webOS (LG) or Tizen (Samsung) in the market with poor application store.

With a 55-inch screen size, it is likely that Vsmart TV will have a 4K resolution. It is unclear whether Vsmart will launch any other screen size version with a lower resolution, but at the present time with the size of 55 inches with 4K resolution, Smart TV models belong to This segment usually has a high price, from 15 to 20 million depending on the screen panel manufacturers choose to integrate on their products.

Sforum - Latest technology information page 73416001_405242830430751_395010985481469952_n Vsmart TV revealed with 55-inch screen, running Android TV, will launch at the end of the year?

So besides smartphones, upcoming Vingroup will officially enter the market of IoT devices with the first Vsmart TV. In the future, Vingroup is committed to building Vingroup to become a leading technology corporation within the next 10 years.

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