Sforum - The latest technology information page vivo-nex-2-camera-module-1 Vivo NEX 2 will use detachable "unique" camera module?

Will Vivo NEX 2 use a "unique" removable camera module?

NEX is always the product line that brings innovative and innovative features from Vivo. And Vivo NEX 2 can make the tech world admire with removable camera module.

With the announcement of Vivo APEX concept, Vivo's field of smartphone production has really entered the new development era: creativity and breakthrough. Vivo NEX is the first flagship to introduce full overflow screen with automatic self-pop-up camera solution – technology that many other manufacturers have received and used on some popular smartphones today.

Not long ago, the company launched Vivo NEX Dual-Screen. As its name suggests, this product comes with 2 screens, but it is only a small improvement from the first generation.

Sforum - The latest technology information page vivo-nex-2-camera-module-2 Vivo NEX 2 will use detachable "unique" camera module?

Recently, Vivo NEX 2 revealed a very interesting information when this smartphone will be able to equip a removable camera module, making the screen border become the thinnest ever. The camera module will integrate 4 lenses, which can be attached to the back or front of the device and removed when you are no longer using it. This completely eliminates the front camera, no need to punch on the screen or use pop-up modules which leads to loss of water resistance.

Sforum - The latest technology information page vivo-nex-2-camera-module-3 Vivo NEX 2 will use detachable "unique" camera module?

At this time, there is not much information about the hardware specifications of Vivo NEX 2. Some sources predict that the product will have two variants equipped with Snapdragon 7xx and Snapdragon 855 processors, and integrated camera 48MP main.

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