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Will there be an Asian James Bond first in the future?

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Actor Henry Golding appeared to have been approached to audition for the role of James Bond after Daniel Craig announced his retirement from 007.

Henry Golding was “teased” as James Bond?

Actor Henry Golding’s career has grown quite well since his debut in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’. In the movie, Golding portrays Nick Young, a handsome rich man and has to face the family’s difficulties when bringing his fiancée home. After that movie, he also collaborated with “Dragon Mother” Emilia Clarke of ‘Game of Thrones’ on’ Last Christmas’ and then ‘A Simple Favor’ with Blake Lively ‘.

Henry Golding stands out from his role in ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Golding’s undeniable presence has put him as Hollywood’s newest option in cinematic works including the 007 possibility. These rumors came out when ‘No Time to Die’ premiered in November. came and the news that Daniel Craig had announced he was leaving the role when the 25th film in the Bond franchise was released.

However, The Guardian site reported that he remained silent about the rumors of becoming James Bond. When asked if anyone from the Bond group talked to him, Golding just laughed and said he wouldn’t “get caught up in this trap!” to comment on something.

The upcoming James Bond should have a different set of diversity

However, actor Golding also shared his opinion, saying that the upcoming 007 needs to be more diverse. When Craig left the role of James Bond, Golding saw this as an “opportunity for change”, and commented that the character of James Bond can now be re-styled no matter if he or she is “female,” male, bisexual, gay, transgender, Asian, black, [hoặc] Latin.” Golding’s support for diversity in Hollywood is a breath of fresh air – and 007’s producers may consider his course.

Potential candidates for Bond coming

While there are now a lot of support for a more modern version of James Bond, the producers of the series don’t quite share that mindset. With producer Barbara Broccoli claims that Bond “can be of any skin color, but the character is male.”

With opinions about the character of Bond not fully agreed, who is the Bond character after Daniel Craig will be a topic for many fans and the movie world to debate until they choose an actor play this role.

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