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Will the iPhone 12 cost more because of this technology?

Apple's first 5G iPhones are expected to extract videos, emails and photos from the cloud at record-breaking speed. However, to experience that, it seems that users will have to pay more.

Specifically, in a recent report, famous analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said that the logic-board on the iPhone 5G 2020 generation will have to increase about 10% of the area to fit the new technologies. The increase in area will come with the manufacture of control panels and some new antenna technologies, leading to the total cost of manufacturing these components can be increased up to 35%.

Appleinsider makes another statement, the increase in logic-board size is more or less related to the cooling of 5G technology and new antennas. However, that does not mean that it will increase the price of new iPhones by 35%, only higher than the iPhone 11 generation.

At the moment, 5G technology has made the price of the smartphone quite high, up to $ 400 as in the case of the Galaxy S10. However, it is still not clear how the new connection technology will impact the price of the new iPhone next year.

Sforum - iPhone-5G-co-gia-dat-hon-2 iPhone 12 will cost more because it is equipped with this technology?

Earlier, analyst Kuo also believed that the iPhone 12 series would have a metal frame with a new molding and injection molding process, similar to the iPhone 4, replacing the current surface design. And these changes will significantly increase the cost of manufacturing new iPhone models, with a maximum increase of 50% to 60% for metal frames and from 40% to 50% for glass cases.

Also, according to Kuo's prediction, the new design will help improve Apple's revenue and profit, while helping iPhone shipments increase to 85 million units in 2020. Let's wait and see!

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