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Will the Biden administration have a solid dialogue with Russia?


Recently, the new US President Joe Biden has also appointed a series of important positions in the Cabinet, especially in the State Department. In it, there are a series of former Obama administration officials, many of whom have fierce anti-Russia views.

According to the American magazine The National Interest, the first is that the appointment of Victoria Nuland as Deputy Secretary of State also means that the government of the new US President Joe Biden is choosing a bad direction. more relationship with Russia.

Ms. Nuland is considered a “veteran” of the US State Department. She has worked for more than 30 years in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, is the chief official of the Russian Federation and the countries of the former Soviet Union and notably Victoria Nuland is very fluent in Russian.

US-Russia relations under Mr. Biden may deteriorate because Nuland is an active figure supporting former US President Barack Obama’s policy in relations with Russia and Ukraine. She recommended that the next US President impose new sanctions and create a global front to curb Moscow’s “aggressive act of aggression”.

Biden's ruler will run a phone call with Russia?
Experts predict Russia-US relations under Joe Biden also not improved than Donald Trump

The National Interest noted that the announcement of the upcoming Victoria Nuland appointment gave a clear signal to Moscow that there was an opportunity for meaningful co-operation between the United States and Russia under the Biden administration. shrinking to see.

Previously, the newly elected President Joe Biden also appointed candidates for the position of Deputy Foreign Minister.

He nominated Wendy Sherman for First Deputy Minister, who under Obama led the group negotiating with Iran on nuclear issues.

Brian McKion, Biden’s assistant on foreign policy, could also become First Deputy Secretary of State.

The position of Deputy Minister for International Security and Arms Control awarded to Bonnie Jenkins, best known as the leader of the organization “Women of color for Promoting Peace, Security and Transforming Approach conflict”.

Experts say that, from the list of certain appointed people and potential candidates in the Joe Biden administration’s cabinet, there are clear prospects for improved relations with Russia in the new administration. The United States is “very gloomy”.

According to Aghvan Mikaelyan, a member of the board of directors of the FinExpertiza international audit and consulting network, the new US President Joe Biden will act in a traditional way towards the Democrats and negotiate with Russia on ” position of the strong ”.

In his speech at the inauguration on January 20, Mr. Biden declared that: America will rebuild alliances and reconnect with the world. According to him, the United States will return to international politics as a strong and reliable partner in world peace and security.

“Biden announced his intention to establish a partnership between the United States and the world, but according to his vision America must act from the leadership position… I think the new US president will act in a traditional way. with the Democratic Party and negotiating with Russia from a strong position ”- Mr. Mikaelyan said.

According to this expert, the administration of Mr. Vladimir Putin will not approve of the “superior superiors”-style agreements of any government in Washington. The reality of the past 10 years shows that Russia and the US are unlikely to reach mutual understanding.

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