Will Sony introduce a female superhero in Spider Universe?

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Actress and director Olivia Wilde has just been invited to direct a Marvel superhero project for Sony – is it Spider-Woman?

Sony chose female director Olivia Wilde for the upcoming project

Actress and director Olivia Wilde is in the midst of exchanging for the position of director for an unnamed Spider-Man project for Marvel and Sony. This has led to many speculation that this project will focus on Spider-Woman.

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Spider-Woman: Like Peter Parker, Jessica Drew, after being bitten by a radioactive spider, inherits supernatural powers. She was brainwashed and then became an officer of HYDRA. Successfully escaped, Spider-Woman initially went independent, and eventually became a member of the Avengers in the 2005 series.

Sony is taking the time to try to enrich the collection of characters around the Spider-Man they own, into standout movies. In fact, Sony succeeded with ‘Venom’ in 2018, and is working on the sequel. Besides, the project ‘Morbius’ with actor Jared Leto as the lead is expected to create a box office hit in the near future.

Is Spider-Woman the right character to be developed by Sony?

The nickname Spider-Woman is adopted by many characters throughout her comic books. However, the most prominent name is still Jessica Drew – the first Spider-Woman, who gave up her identity in the 80s to reappear in 2000. Besides being characters like Julia Carpenter , Mattie Franklin, Charlotte Witter, and a transformative Skrull named Veranke all put on the Spider-Woman identity.


So far, there is still no direction as to whether Olivia Wilde will be the one to bring Spider-Woman to the screen, or if so, what the story they want to develop will be and how it relates to the MCU. . According to Deadline, Wilde has just closed an agreement to direct and develop a movie with a focus on Marvel female characters. Currently, Sony has not commented any further on this news, and the female director just posted on her Twitter page with a mysterious Spider icon.

What other characters could Sony develop besides Spider-Woman?

Besides this project, Sony also has another movie, Madame Web from director SJ Clarkson, which will also revolve around the Spider universe with a focus on another female character.

Even so, there are a few other contenders like Spider-Gwen – a character that stands out as well after ‘Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ – or it could quite be a ‘Silver &’ version. Black ‘in Olivia Wilde style.


There’s a high chance Sony will still want to focus its time on Spider-Woman development to deliver a parallel success with the Spider-Man movies they’re still sharing with Marvel Studios.

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