Will Huawei sell the smartphone business as rumored?

Will Huawei sell the smartphone business as rumored?

What did Huawei say to information about selling its smartphone business?

Last year, Huawei sold its entire Honor sub-brand to a joint venture of 30 agents, distributors and businesses including carrier China Telecom and some government-backed entities, such as Shenzhen Zhixin. – a corporation specializing in smart city development based in Shenzhen.

According to a Reuters source, Huawei is in talks to sell its high-end smarpthone business. Including the smartphone P and Mate line. The source also said that the talks are about to be completed, this agreement will be announced in the near future.

However, Huawei has announced that it has no plans to sell its high-end smartphone business.

In the past, Huawei has also denied selling sub-brand Honor. But in the end they still sell Honor. Therefore, Huawei’s denial of selling its high-end smartphone business is inconclusive.

It is expected that Huawei will still launch the P50 series model in early 2021 and the Nate 50 series in the fall of this year.

The Honor brand is preparing to launch the Honor V40 series of smartphones. This is also the first smartphone since Honor was sold by Huawei to another company. It is known that the Honor V40 will be equipped with MediaTek’s Dimensity 1000+ processor.


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