Will Horizon Zero Dawn be available on Steam in 2020?

It seems like Sony’s exclusive time with Horizon: Zero Dawn is almost over. According to reliable sources, the sci-fi game of Guerrilla Games will be available on PC by 2020. Although Sony has previously allowed some PS4-exclusive games to join the PC via PlayStation Now stream, Horizon will be the first game officially ported to this market.

Horizon Zero Dawn will launch on PC in 2020, according to three sources in Sony shared with Kotaku. The game is scheduled to launch on both the Steam and Epic Games Store.

Guerrila Games developer is owned by Sony, so porting to PC is a little different from other PS4 games like Death Stranding (released on PC by 505 Games) and Detroit: Become Human (spontaneously developed by Quantic Dream itself onions). This will mark the first time the PlayStation brand has expanded the market – a move that Microsoft is making progress.

Sony has not officially confirmed the PC port for Horizon, but with Kotaku’s record, it is very high. We know Sony will not be attending E3 again this year, but the tycoon will surely find another event to make this official announcement.

Ninh Tran

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