Will Gigabyte’s Z490 motherboard support the PCIe 4.0 connection standard?

Gigabyte was recently discovered to launch a Z490 motherboard that supports PCIe 4.0 connectivity, but Intel Comet Lake CPUs are unlikely to support it.

Recently, many motherboards Z490 Gigabyte has been found to support PCIe 4.0, which has long been supported on Ryzen 3000 Series motherboards and processors, but most likely Intel Comet Lake processors will not support it. .

Details, in the photo leak of the motherboard Z490 (using LGA 1200) by Gigabyte, the phrase “reserved for the future” was discovered by Twitter user @KOMACHI_ENSAKA, when the tenth Intel processor family is revealed will be released in just a few weeks.

Accordingly, this means that both the Comet Lake and Rocket Lake series of Intel will use the LGA 1200 contact slot, and is fully compatible with the motherboard. Z490, as well as Intel will not support PCIe 4.0 yet for the upcoming CPU series in the coming weeks.



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