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Will future Galaxy phones use a 108MP sensor?

Based on information extracted from One UI 2.0, it was discovered that Samsung added 108MP resolution support to the Camera app, making many people believe that such a Galaxy will soon be available. Samsung is currently the only manufacturer to launch a 108MP sensor for smartphones, but they do not yet have a device with it.

The capture app on beta 3 of One UI 2.0 has a resolution of 12,000 x 9,000, which is 108MP, the same number of sensors on Mi Mix Alpha or Mi Note 10, the duo uses a 108MP sensor manufactured by Samsung export. It is also likely that the device will not give priority to the 108MP image, but pixel binning technology will combine the pixels, resulting in a lower resolution picture (27MP) with better quality.

It's not clear which Galaxy will use this sensor, do you believe that S11 uses it?

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