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Will Foxconn switch to making iPhones in India?

( Hot technology update 12/7: A very good selfie set with OPPO Reno 3 Pro; Foxconn poured billions to make iPhones in India; etc.

Foxconn makes a huge investment to make iPhones in India

Foxconn has just invested $ 1 billion to expand the iPhone factory in India. In Vietnam, Foxcomm only has components suppliers.

The Globe And Mail, citing two independent sources, said the Taiwanese manufacturer would invest US $ 1 billion in an iPhone assembly facility in southern India. This move comes at a time when many major technology corporations seek to reduce their dependence on China.

According to Reuters, an unnamed source said that Apple has asked partners to gradually move iPhone manufacturing factories out of China. Foxconn declined to comment on customer-related issues, and Apple provided no response to this information.

Superb selfie set with OPPO Reno 3 Pro

Superb selfie set with OPPO Reno 3 Pro

Selfie _ naive_ with sea background
Selfie top down, beautiful selfie just draw eyeliner_

Just as described, OPPO Reno 3 Pro is truly a special smartphone because of its differences from the Chinese market, offering a better experience. The Reno 3 Pro is also special because the 44MP selfie camera sensor surpasses all expectations. Samsung has pushed the rear camera limit to 108MP and OPPO also pushes its strengths to the limit.

Samsung could remove the Snapdragon chip on the Galaxy generation since 2021

Samsung could remove the Snapdragon chip on the Galaxy generation since 2021

Recently, information that Samsung will only Exynos for all Galaxy S21 versions next year is causing a stir in the major phone communities in Vietnam. There have been many mixed opinions appear. The reasons mentioned include: reducing production cost; The cooperation agreement between Samsung and AMD has come to an end; Samsung does not want users of different versions to be jealous of each other.

Xiaomi received a rear camera patent of over 100 megapixels

Xiaomi receives a rear camera patent of more than 100 megapixels

The above patent was filed by Xiaomi on January 19, 2020, but it was not until July 10, 2020 that new documents and images were published.

According to the patent, this smartphone has a screen surrounding the body, but the upper part of the back is equipped with a huge 108 MP camera sensor combined with a zoom lens – Xiaomi calls it AI Super Camera.


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