Wild Rift: Support Ashe suddenly appeared in version 2.3A

Ashe, besides being an ADC general, can also flexibly switch to the Support position because of her ability to poke, slow and freeze effects effectively.

Ashe is known as an ADC with a very good team load towards the end of the game. The strength of Cung Bang is that the basic attack range as well as the range of the moves are very long, making it easy for her to choose a position in the fight. However, few people know that Ashe’s secondary role is also a support. So what does it take to build an exemplary support Ashe and still be effective?

Wild Rift: Support Ashe suddenly emerged in version 2.3A

Ashe Support’s Strengths & Runes

First, we need to know the strengths of a support Ashe. All of her basic attacks cause slows on enemies, so Ashe almost provides an endless source of soft control. The skill range is very long with Arrow Scattering (2nd skill) and especially Great Ice Arrow (ultimate move) which has the potential to open a whole map fight. To take advantage of the ranged poke ability and skill set, the support Ashe will hold the Fountain of Life in the super rune. This gives her the ability to heal allies when they attack enemies she previously poked. For Ashe, setting the Fountain of Life marker is extremely easy with Arrow Scattering.

Wild Rift: Support Ashe suddenly emerged in version 2.3A

The remaining runes will be Weakness, Loyalty, and Energy Bands. With that said, Ashe in Wild Rift provides an endless source of slows from basic attacks and Arrow Scattering, so enemies will have their Weakness activated almost continuously. Loyalty gives Ashe as well as the AD carry a little more stamina. However, depending on the situation, you can also hold the Second Wind or Armor in the Steadfast branch to handle the match better. As for the inspiration branch, the Energy Ribbon is extremely necessary for Ashe because this gameplay requires her to spam Scattering Arrow a lot.

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Support Ashe’s Equipment

Regarding the equipment set, build the Tears of the Goddess to accumulate points early. While spamming moves and waiting for tears to accumulate, the Book of Awakening is a necessary item for Ashe to assist when delivering a precious Ice Arrow ultimate cooldown. Remember that Ashe’s ultimate is a very powerful initiator of combat. Reaching 5 stacks of the Conjuring Book will cause the Great Ice Arrow to spin extremely fast.

Wild Rift: Support Ashe suddenly emerged in version 2.3A

Next is the boiling incense burner, an indispensable item for healing supports and buffs. This is an item that is best combined with the Fountain of Life gem point held by the queen of the Avarosa clan. When you have enough tear points, think about whether raising the Sword God Muramana to make hand shots more penetrating or the shield from the Archangel’s Scepter will benefit you.

Once she has 3 items for a support Ashe, she basically becomes an unstoppable machine and heals the whole team. Let’s build the next equipment depending on the situation. If you still want to deal damage, Black Ax and death reminder will be the appropriate choice. And if you really want to be an unsung hero, the Oath of Bodyguard and Zeke Storm will make the gunner next to you just shoot without worry.

As for Ashe’s build to assist, don’t worry about the amount of AP. Ashe’s support is not so important to the amount of damage, but needs effects as well as healing for teammates. Don’t forget, the healing from the Fountain of Life increases with your ability power.

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