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Wild hearts go wild for Valentine’s Day


No need to introduce you to the goose that lays the golden eggs of Epic Games, it was obvious that Fortnite was not going to miss once again the opportunity to celebrate Valentine’s Day celebrations. This time, no Thanos, Mando, Terminator or other guest out of the hat, but a passionate event called Wild Hearts.

Since February 8 and until February 15, 2021, you will be able to find on the servers of your favorite battle royale many additions allowing you to take advantage of this sweet period with your other half, or your bands of friends (your choice) on the spot. of battle.

So expect tournaments on the theme of love, new challenges to accomplish with creators of varied content and of course a ton of cosmetics always cuter than the next in order to make your character the most single possible.

Fortnite Wild Hearts skin

We also note the eagerly awaited return of paper models, which provide small cosmetics or complementary figurines with other collectables, as well as a huge list of objects of all kinds available in the game shops.

You now know how to occupy your evening of February 14, whether it is two or one hundred, on the pink lands of Fortnite dressed in tons of sweet novelties. While waiting for new collaborations or teasing for the next season, which will hopefully quickly silence the few recent bad reviews of Ninja that have come to sully the title.

Recently, the famous streamer has been controversial, denouncing the too recurring technique of stream sniping, a practice which consists of watching the stream of other opponents in order to know their positions. Despite the fact that a skin was addressed to him, Ninja therefore declared that he would no longer stream on Fortnite until a fix is ​​deployed to block these dishonest practices.


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