Wife refuses to learn to drive because she wants her husband to drink less

Wife refuses to learn to drive because she wants her husband to drink less

Five times seven times she refused to learn to drive with all sorts of reasons, even though she had a car for a few years, but in the end, that was the reason she wanted him to be more responsible and reduce drinking.

That is the situation of Ms. Ly in Ho Chi Minh City and many other wives whose husbands like to gather with friends to drink, sometimes because of hobbies or unavoidable drinking situations.

In the group of Ms. Ly’s friends, there is a couple in the same high school, so they often go on a date, but after observing the couple for a while, they see that every time the end of the game, the wife is forced to take the wheel to bring her husband home She had to think about going to driving school because she accidentally helped her husband drink more.

Ly’s husband, in addition to this close friend relationship, has many other relationships that make him often drink for the reason of creating business relationships. Many times he urged her to take driving lessons so that she could help her husband in some situations, but thinking about the husband and wife with the image of her sister-in-law who is always the private driver after each fun made her give up the idea. think learn to drive.

Nagging, advising, talking about morality was enough, but in the end, the husband could not refuse invitations from friends to meet. After talking a lot, it became a discord, which made Ms. Ly decide not to learn to drive anymore, even though she had been very interested since she had her own car. “I want him to drink less and be more responsible for himself and his family when he has no place to rely on when he is drunk.“.

“Imagine the scene where you have to go to the place to drive your husband home, but it doesn’t make sense. Sometimes it even leads to unnecessary contradictions. Once is okay, twice is okay but many times it will be a problem for the family, so I decided not to go to driving school so that my family can fall into such situations.”Ms. Lee said.

With the increase in fines for high concentration drivers in the new regulations, many people are also more cautious about drinking when traveling in private cars. Usually with pre-planned fun, many husbands actively call Grab or take a taxi to be safe, there are also unexpected drinking parties and many times, Ms. Ly’s friends complain about having to come. at the fun place to drive to pick up her husband when he was in a state of “one foot kicking the other”.

Although she still knows that having new skills will help more in this modern life, Ms. Ly or many other women whose husbands often go out to drink still decide not to take driving lessons to minimize the fun. of her husband for the purpose of health protection, avoiding unfortunate things that happen if causing an accident while drunk or simply being fined by the traffic police is equally troublesome.


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