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Why use cheap turntables that can damage vinyl?

The revival vinyl movement is accompanied by the re-release of old disc releases that delight the collector and audiophile. However, this is also the premise for the appearance of gold-lowering turntables that are sold quite a lot on the internet, social networks and audio stores, with prices from cheap to extremely cheap. Only about $ 50 ~ $ 70 branded Crosley or Victrola, you can buy yourself a turntable all-in-one with a square or suitcase design, advertised as "convenient to take anywhere". So what is their true quality?

To be honest, their quality is pretty bad, if not to mention that they can damage everyone's precious vinyl record. Let's take a look at some of the main causes below.

There is no counterweight

Weighing weights are essential components to help "lift" tonearm and cartridge just enough, avoiding them against the disk. Current vinyl molded discs can be played a few hundred times if the counterweight is set properly. The force of the needle is always in accordance with the specifications given by the manufacturer. In addition, the counterweight helps balance the tonearm when you replace another cartridge.

Tonearm of cheap turntables often lack this component, instead of plastic mold is "die" on the wheel and the force of the needle increases 2 ~ 3 times higher than the standard. This makes the disc and the needle quickly wear out, which is a very expensive price to pay especially for precious disks. In short, never buy any tray that the civet comes with without a counterweight.

Integrated speaker

The way turntable works is to amplify the vibrations when the tip of the needle is on the groove of the disc, while the speaker also works by emitting vibrations (sound waves). This means that if the speaker is built into the turntable, it will cause the vibration of the wheel to make the sound quality worse, not to mention the fact that the needle also vibrates causing disc jumps or flipping on the surface of the disc.

Trays are too small, rickety materials, no anti-vibration

Vinyl recorders are a mechanical product and they transmit mechanical vibrations of the needle as they scan the groove, becoming an audible signal that can be heard. The more solid the wheels, the more solid the structure always sounds, the less expensive the wheels are made of plastic.

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Sota Comet IV

With low cost, manufacturers will save costs by reducing the processing materials, and so all components will be reduced as small as possible. Disc size is not enough size will cause disc disc rotation, making sound worse and of course also cause disc damage. This is most often the case with inexpensive turntable models of floating origin. You should only buy trays with a base made of metal or wood to make the sound stronger.

There is no anti-skate

Anti-skate is an important feature of tonearm. This function helps the tree need not be pulled by the centrifugal force of the platter into the center of the disc. In the long run, it will cause the needle cantilever, or quickly wear one side of the disc. Cheap turntable models don't think about (or don't care about) this.

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Anti-Skate it comes in many forms, 1 is the mechanism for using weights as shown above.

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Or shaped like a knob, units divided into grams, I usually set the level of anti-skate size 1/4 – 1/2 of the force of the needle.

What should I do if I bought it?

Nothing. The best way is to stay away from those low quality turntables. Do not think of an upgrade. Because it's like investing in a good turntable, right? Also do not think of temporary measures to improve the sound quality when listening to a disc on low-quality turntable players, you only harm yourself. (AudioPsycho)

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