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Why the car is off-wheel? Steering wheel adjustment is deviated


The vehicle’s steering wheel deflection not only reduces steering accuracy but also poses many dangers. So need to adjust the steering wheel immediately.

After a long time of use, many vehicles old car Often there is a mismatched steering wheel. That is, even without dynamics, the car slightly deflects the steering wheel to the left or right. This will cause the car to follow a curve if the driver does not adjust the balance of the direction of the steering wheel.

With this situation, it is necessary to distinguish two nearly identical faults: the vehicle is off-wheel and the vehicle is distracted. Steering wheel car If the steering wheel is deflected, the steering wheel will be completely deflected in one direction, causing the vehicle’s movement to be deflected. Meanwhile, the car with a distraction is that even though the steering wheel is driving in a straight line, the car is tilted to the left or right.

Why is the steering wheel skewed?

There are many reasons why the steering wheel is skewed such as:

Due to car accident, collision: If the car is hit strongly from the front, the impact force will cause the rotor to deviate, leading to the steering wheel deviation as well.

Steering wheel deflection: This is the most common cause of steering wheel deflection. When the car is distracted, it will cause the vehicle to drift to one side. There are many causes of car distraction, such as incorrect wheel angle, lcladding car worn out irregularly, the steering wheel is skewed

There are many reasons why the steering wheel is skewed

Steering wheel adjustment is deviated

Steering wheel adjustment guide:

  1. Hold the steering wheel so that the wheels are straight. Fix the steering wheel and turn off the engine.
  2. Use a screwdriver to open the screw under the handlebar to open the airbag. Be careful not to unplug the airbag cord.
  3. Use the screwdriver to screw the screw from the bottom of the airbag to remove the steering wheel, carefully withdraw the steering wheel from the shaft. Make a careful note of the shaft edges to make it easier to install later.
  4. Install the steering wheel back to the shaft with the wheel orientation fixed upright.

To ensure that the steering wheel is fitted straight with the wheel, the steering wheel must be horizontal. In addition to some lines luxury car Europe as Mercedes-Benz has the function of aligning the corner of the car, just align the angle displayed on the screen to zero, then mount the steering wheel.

After that, test drive and feel if it is ok. If not, it can be removed and re-aligned as from the beginning.

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When adjusting the steering wheel is misaligned, pay careful attention to the airbag

Note when handling the car without steering wheel. Because this part is quite sensitive when there is an air bag. If the steering angle is misaligned, it will cause the airbag to break. In particular, in order to handle a deviated oto-steering wheel, it is necessary to find the exact cause. So, if the car is off-track and you do not have much experience in repairing, it is best to take it to a genuine garage or a reputable car repair shop.

Car steering and steering wheel deflection are two different faults. However, most of the cases a car deviates from the steering wheel are due to the vehicle being deflected. So when the car is off the steering wheel, you need to check whether the car is distracted or not.

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