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Why should you use the rearview mirror on a motorbike

I see rearview mirror is extremely important and useful when traveling by motorbike but many people do not use it (that is, violating traffic laws). So I wrote this article to explain a little bit about how it helps you drive more safely, reduce accidents for you and others, as well as some tips regarding motorbike rearview mirrors.

See the road before turning

Before you turn or cross the street, looking at the rearview mirror will help you keep track of the cars that are about to approach you so that you can keep the road safer. This also helps you not have to turn your head completely back and forth to see the road, except for complicated or overcrowded roads, because when you turn back, you may not see clearly the obstacles in front of you.

Know what cars are on my back

Sometimes you have to share a lane with a car or a large vehicle, when the car behind you plays a horn or you hear a loud noise approaching you, it is easy to know what vehicle is approaching, it is running with How fast … Based on this information you can tighten it a bit to avoid danger. Several times I drove on the highway, even though I ran close to the road, but there were still some cars pushing me to the side, I could watch for safety.

Look at the car more balanced and beautiful

I am not sure why some people say that leaving their rearview mirror is better when looking at their motorbikes, I only see a car that removes the glasses, it is bad, it is completely unbalanced compared to the full glass enough. Just more beautiful and safer, I wonder why I have to remove it?

Some tips I often use with the rearview mirror

+ Always keep the glass clean and clear for easy viewing. There is always a piece of rag in my car, I often use it to clean the glass if I get dirty or after sending the car, I get the wax on the glass.

+ Always check the rearview mirror before detonating the vehicle to run away, to ensure that the glass is operating normally, without deviation.

+ Adjust the horizontal glass to your view, making sure you see the space behind your back. Adjust the right and left glasses. Do not leave the glasses face down on the road surface or pointing at your face because you cannot see anything in the glass at that time.

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+ Sometimes check whether the glass is loose. Usually, it takes a while for the snail to catch the glass, which will loosen in one of the two places: the glass plug in the car, and the glass mount on the body. You can tighten the screw easily with a wrench (with the lens attached to the car) or screwdriver (where the glass is attached to the metal tree). If you are not familiar with it, you can pull over to repair any car, ask them to tighten it a bit.

+ If the glass is loose, you should tighten it as soon as possible, but when you run the glass, it will be rotated or the angle of view is very dangerous because you cannot observe behind.

The top picture is taken by @_MyLoveIsWinter_

Duy Luân

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