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Why should you never go buy morning shoes? – VnReview

You may not believe it, but in fact we may have two feet slightly different in size and shape.

And even if your foot looks exactly the same, doesn't mean their size remains the same. Your feet can actually have different sizes at different times of the day. In addition, there are also longer lasting changes: Most feet gradually expand with age and sometimes women's feet "grow" after childbirth.

Regardless of your foot size (at any given time), it is important that you buy the right shoes – the shoes will fit properly to support your feet and ankles. . The following suggestions will help you become a smart shoe buyer.

Buy shoes at the end of late afternoon or evening, because that's when your feet are the largest (According to calculations, the size of your feet at night can be "bulging" from 5-10% due to suffering weight of the body all day). Try shoes on both feet when you stand up, because the feet extend under the weight of the body. Carefully consider the fit and comfort of every shoe you try.

Shoe shape is also very important. Not only is it a fashion issue, but if you keep your feet in a certain shoe shape, your feet are also "bent" in that form.

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