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Why should you equip soundbar (sound bar) for TV?

Maybe you all know the built-in speakers of a TV are often not so good, especially for performing epic movies or symphonies that need to pull out bass instruments or recreate the atmosphere for music. impressive. Because the TV speaker is usually small in size and comes with a circuit that is not too strong, listening to music or watching movies is not really impressive. Seeing is not enough, listening will give you a clearer sense of the width and depth of the listening space, so in my opinion, the soundbar is almost an indispensable product besides a delicious TV. of the brothers.

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What is the soundbar?

Soundbar has a long bar (I hear people call it loudspeaker) and is most suitable for those who do not have the space to arrange the loudspeakers. The Soundbar can be placed on a variety of surfaces without taking up too many positions.

Benefits of the soundbar

1. Improve the loudness of the sound

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Soundbars usually have high power because the driver is bigger, bigger magnet and the power circuit is also stronger. So it is understandable that they will sound a lot louder than normal TV internal speakers. Besides, you should also pay attention, if the TV's internal speakers are enlarged it will sound a bit chaotic and cracked due to the internal power circuit has been cropped, the signal is distorted and we no longer hear good. The soundbar with its own driver and amplifier circuit will help you hear louder, better, and more clearly.

2. Improve sound quality

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The sound quality of the soundbar is definitely better than the TV's internal speakers, especially in the bands from bass to subwoofer when your soundbar has an additional subwoofer. I say so because in the 4K TVs that I experience, their internal speakers are not so bad, it still makes all three bands of bass-mid-treble, but it is empty, the sound is not rich. , thin listening, sometimes sounds too boring to lose mood watching movies or playing games.

When connected to a TV, a single soundbar usually only uses about 2 strings so it is easy to set up, you do not have to worry about the "mountain" of wires as in the standard speaker system. As for soundbar with subwoofer, it is now equipped with a wireless connection between the soundbar and the sub, costing an additional power cord and a small corner to set the sub, but the results are very worthwhile.

3. Improve on film and game effects

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Another strong point is that most high-end soundbar speakers now support surround sound in many formats, most notably DTS: X and Dolby Atmos, thereby providing you with an entertainment experience. Better yet, the easiest to do is when watching movies or playing games.

I am a prime example, I cannot play God Of War 4 if only using TV speakers, it sounds boring. There must be a soundbar + sub, it makes the matches with the Valkyries become more dramatic and breathless. The sound of a bow and arrow, a hammer hitting a shield or a scream from the other side of the enemy is more visible and makes it hard to get bored.

In order to support 51 / 7.1 or the best currently is Dolby Atmos or DTS: X, the structure of the soundbar consists of many separate loudspeakers that are set up separately and have a clear direction so it will be able to recreate the bands. sound and space in a better way. This is a very welcome thing because on Netflix there are also many programs that have Dolby Atmos : D

Select the soundbar to suit the space

1. Apartment, small apartment

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In the living room of an apartment or a high-class apartment, the location where the TV is usually seated to listen to it is only 1.8m – 2.5m apart, sometimes even less. Bring a 5.1 or 7.1 orchestra, the soundbar + subwoofer into a small space will have some limitations such as aesthetics, harmony with living space interiors, excess capacity, not fully exploited. of these product sets.

The current compact soundbar of the company has been improved and added newer features such as DTS: X or Dolby Atmos support to improve the quality of movie effects. Typically the Sony HT-X8500 soundbar. In addition to the plus point of having DTS: X and Dolby Atmos, this new generation Sony soundbar has a dual subwoofer to improve bass quality.

2. Living room, common room from 20m2-30m2

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In the spacious space, with a little larger area and more spacious interior, we should equip the soundbar with an additional subwoofer, typically Sony's HT-S350. This is a set of speakers with a soundbar and a high-power subwoofer, they link themselves wirelessly so it's very neat and easy to set-up.

Bass range is strong, so in addition to watching movies with more explosive scenes, you can also play games with better explosion effects. Besides, the sound quality and "flickering" atmosphere in the EDM versions are also full and spread, helping us capture a better mood.

3. For movie buffs and game buffs

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This is the type of soundbar with subwoofer and 2 rear speakers to increase the effect of surround sound, stereo. The location should be in large rooms from 20m2 – 30m2 and suitable subjects are those who like to watch movies and play games because it will help you to exploit all the majestic, recreating the space in movies and games with Sound comes from many sides, increasing the drama to much. On behalf of Sony, we have the HT-S700RF that looks quite epic. The accompanying subwoofer can adjust the amount of bass on many levels.

In addition, you can also customize the sound quality for each content being viewed by remote, we have available EQ presets such as Cinematic, Auto Sound, Music, Night mode. We tested her and found that the overall sound is clear and the details are good thickness, the bass is quite good and can cover the 25m2 room easily, the only minus point is that the components in the system need to be connected by wires so it will be cumbersome, more beautiful and compact if you have carpets to tuck the cord down.

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