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Why should the motor bike cool and heat in the morning before running?

I have two habits of using a digital car to share with you, that is, before I start driving in the morning I will cool down and warm up the engine. So what are these two actions and why should you do them?

Cool down

Cool down here is that you use your foot to pedal the engine's pedal 2-3 times but don't turn on the car key. This is the first thing I do after taking the car out of the house and locking the door. The purpose of this is to stir and put the lubricant under the crankcase on the lubricator for the internal parts of the engine such as crankshaft, piston, cylinder, canvas …

This action is simple but contributes to the moderate mechanical details before working with a thin protective layer of oil, which helps to limit the direct friction between metal surfaces when starting the engine. . Comparing happily for you to imagine, as before going down to the pool, you will take a quick bath to get a light wet body, avoiding jumping into the water with thermal shock. : D In the long run, cooling down before kicking or detonating will help more or less to make your car's engine more durable and long-term.

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Of course I can do this because I ride a car and need to pedal. If you are running a scooter with a bicycle, you can do this, but it is a bit of a nuisance for each founder to stand up and pedal a few. As for the brothers and sisters who do not need to pedal, do not worry too much, cold cycling before the engine is only a small part of many things we can do to increase the life of the engine. So, if you don't want or can't cool like yourself, you can still try to follow the habit of using the next car below.

Warm up the engine

If I try to cool down like bathing in the water before swimming, heating the engine before running will be the start of the limbs and joints. Normally, after the bike has cooled down, I will start the engine in the car for about 30 – 45 seconds to slowly warm up the engine before running. This should not be strange for the brothers who live in a place where there is often a low temperature, or in the cold season, heating up this engine will get more attention.

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This work has two main effects, first helping the parts inside the engine to be fully and fully lubricated before starting to operate and friction with each other in high-revving bands, avoiding them from being squeeze hard together when not smooth enough. The second effect is mainly aimed at cars that use carburetors (carburetors), they need a blunt grip to create a mixture of air (fuel and air) good enough for The burning process of the explosion. For engines with electronic fuel injection, the air-conditioning ratio is better controlled, whether it is hot or cold.

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Should be heated before running in the morning with motor vehicles using carburetor

The days when I had to hurry, there was no extra time to cool down the engine and warm up the engine, I felt that when I started running the engine, it was more shocking than in the first station. After a while, it will gradually become smoother and run smoothly.

What do you think about these 2 motorcycle tricks please discuss below : D


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