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The Galaxy Note is the "Holy Grail" of Samsung, the most expensive smartphone and the largest profit for the Korean company. Even the explosive Note 7 scandal did not stop Samsung from regenerating the Note line like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

And the feature of the Galaxy Note is the S-Pen stylus – the pen that is always beside you, which is kept neatly inside the phone. It is something you can draw at any time and start taking notes right on the lock screen. Easy as pie. And best of all, no other phone has a pen like that.

But there are suggestions that Samsung should give up the S-Pen. Why? Here are a few reasons to convince you that S-Pen is not really a good idea, according to Phonearena.

Take up too much space inside the machine


Because I want to make sure the S-Pen is placed inside the device, Samsung has accepted that it cannot equip much larger batteries than it is today.

That's right, the S-Pen takes up a lot of precious space that could have been left for a bigger battery, a better and more versatile camera system, or something else you always dreamed of. wish is on the Note.



The Galaxy Note 9 currently has a 4,100mAh battery, but if you use it long enough, you will know the actual battery life is quite good, but not really great and certainly not among the top.

So what do you like more: the battery capacity is impeccable, or the S-Pen?

Most things S-Pen can do, your fingers can do it


But the bigger problem with S-Pen is that besides the ability to use notes or drawing, there are few other practical applications for users to take advantage of the S-Pen. Samsung has recently introduced features such as using the S-Pen to create GIF images from watching videos, but without S-Pen, you can still easily use them with a simple finger swipe gesture. Inadvertently, consumers do not understand why those applications are described as "exclusive to S-Pen"?

The ability to perform the correct operation will be useful on a larger screen if you run some applications like Photoshop, and on the phone screen, that's not very practical.

And of course, you can also do other things like zoom in on a part of the screen with the S-Pen, but ask yourself: why don't you use two fingers to zoom for quick, but more complicated operations? Is the S-Pen removed?

It is true that there are some S-Pen features that are quite useful to many people, such as using remote selfie controls, or controlling music, but are these things you need every day or not? ?

Artists still prefer drawing on tablets


Some people will argue that S-Pen allows you to sketch everything, anytime, anywhere, but actually the author has not seen any serious artist admitting to liking painting on the phone more than on a tablet (except Samsung paid artists to advertise products ..). That doesn't mean there is no one like that, but obviously drawing on the tiny screen of your phone limits your creative freedom thinking a lot. Even Apple knows their 10-inch iPad is not big enough for artists to paint, and has to release a larger, 13-inch screen model, especially for those who really like drawing.

So, if you really care about the works you want to create with the stylus, there's a high possibility that you don't use smartphones to draw.

And if you don't care, why do you need an S-Pen?

Redefining Galaxy Note line


The space is quite large inside the Note that the S-Pen takes over, followed by the opportunity for the Note to have a larger battery or newer functions to be missed, the limited value that the S -Pen brings, and the undeniable fact that artists will prefer to use a tablet to paint rather than a phone, are the main reasons why Samsung should consider removing S-Pen.

But there's another reason.

Note is not just a phone with a stylus of Samsung, it is also a flagship line in many aspects: power, cooling system, battery … In other words, Galaxy "Note" can be considered Galaxy " Pro ".

Many users acknowledge that through their experience, the S-Pen is the one that holds the Note line and makes it impossible to become a "Pro" phone – a phone with unprecedented battery life. rate, with state-of-the-art cooling system for gamers, and with features that bring significant improvements – that every big man has to be wary of. Features like the 90-hertz refresh rate we see on smartphones like the OnePlus 7 Pro are completely missing on Samsung's flagship. Note does not have 3D face recognition system to help unlock device easily. Note no super zoom potential camera like on the Huawei P30 Pro. The space that Samsung can get if removing S-Pen can help some of these features come true, and can turn the Galaxy Note into a true "Pro" phone, a dream device? satisfied S-Pen lovers, but will receive the praise of so many other phone users.

Do you think a Galaxy Note "Pro" version without S-Pen will make a difference?


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