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Why pay to join a running tournament? What is the prize for the destination?

"Why does it cost money to run? Why is the road running, just run there and why do I have to pay money? Run to the finish and get any reward? V..v .." are the questions I often ask I received it when I told my friends and relatives that I attended a jogging tournament. In this article, I would like to share the answers to the above questions:

What should I do to organize a jogging tournament?

Different from spontaneous events, a basic running game that wants to be granted a license requires a lot of preparation time, cost, manpower and through many stages. I would like to list some main stages as follows:

  • Get ideas: Places to run; Scale; Type of run
  • Survey: Check the actual terrain; Check out the entire running track details
  • Applying for permission: Depending on which road is located in the area, go to any locality where the application procedure will be different. The application process will be sent to the relevant government agencies such as the District-Provincial People's Committee; Police; Traffic; Health level corresponding …
  • Invite competent units (local or foreign) to issue standard certification for the track
  • Logo design; Image of running …
  • Set up a registration port
  • Production of publications for the award: Award; Medal (Medal); Cup…
  • Set up the main areas: Welcome gate; Map; Medical; Water supply station …
  • Search for personnel for the entire event

The 2019 DNIM tournament map has just taken place this year to show which parts of the run are needed

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The survey of the running track (especially for the trail) is a hard work

The above is only a very basic listing and generalizes the work to do to organize a running tournament. In detail, there are many other things to have a good running game. Typically, for the trail running, the cost of transporting tents to the starting and ending places, transporting water and food to the water supply points is also very high.

Why pay money to join a running tournament?

In order to perform the tasks of a run that I listed above will need financial resources. Normally, the finance of a running will come from two sources: the contributions of athletes and sponsors. A running tournament is well organized, the athletes will experience:

  • For those running on the road (running road), the running track needs to be blockade and ensure safety for runners
  • For trail runs (running tracks), the track needs to be cleaned to mark dangerous or easily accessible places for athletes to know.
  • Check points will help athletes reload water and snacks during the run
  • Health station to assist in handling athletes' health problems during the run

With what fees will you pay, what will you get?

Part of the cost of donating to the organization committee we have a safe run, another part to produce specific memorabilia of each run. Popular items that a running tournament usually gives to athletes (also called Race kit):

  • The bag with the logo and pictures of the prize will be printed
  • T-shirt with logo and image of the prize
  • BIB: paper with water resistance material about 20x30cm with information printed: Name of runner; Identification number; Run (this can be distinguished by color); Name of running prize and some sponsor names. Behind BIB there is usually a small chip for scanning information of runners at automated stations to record time and prevent fraud. (People jog or call this newspaper number BIB. And when registering for a running event, people often use the close phrase "Buy bib?")
  • Other items from sponsors: Depending on the sponsors and the size of the prize the runner will be given: Electrolyte water; Energy gel; The coffee; Gym card; Massage slips …

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This is the Laan Ultra Trail race kit race. 3 bib colors correspond to 3 color strings of the medal

What is the prize for running to the finish?

A running tournament usually only has rewards (money, artifacts, trophies) for 3 people with the highest position at each distance (with separate male and female categories). Some prizes will have additional rewards for the age group.

The remaining runners (not in the top 3) when completing the registered run range will receive:

  • Medal (medal): Anyone who has completed the registered distance will receive the corresponding medal (medal is the same, distinguish the range by the color of the strap). Medal of a running prize is like a trophy to recognize the performance of an individual who runs. It is completely different from the medal that athletes compete and wins against other players. And so, having a medal does not mean having a bonus.

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Medal (medal) Da Nang International Marathon 2017

  • Austria finished range (finisher shirt): Unlike the medal, the finisher shirt is usually only given to the person who finishes the range within the time limit of the tournament. Example: Limiting to complete a 3-hour distance of 21km, who can achieve this range but more than 3 hours can only receive medals without receiving a finisher shirt (some prizes may not be accepted both) .

Other invisible awards:
In addition to the above items, the things that participants get running also include:

  • Fun to run: to meet friends who run from different regions across the country, from many parts of the world with the same passion is a very hard-to-describe joy of joggers

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My two friends often run together

  • Health: Most people participating in the running are more or less going through the process of hard work to be able to conquer their own milestones. They will surely have a better condition every day and every prize.

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  • Experience the scenery, culture and cuisine at the venue: Each run is an opportunity for participants to have the opportunity to experience local culture and cuisine. The first run I participated in was the 2017 Danang International Marathon and I spent the next day to explore the scenery and dishes of Danang and Hoi An, an unforgettable experience in my jogging career.

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Danang city looks from the top of Son Tra mountain

These are answers to seemingly simple but really "confusing" questions for joggers. The fact that not many people know is easy to understand when the sport movement in Vietnam is not strong, the jogging community is still small, the running is still small. Hopefully the article will help people better understand the subject as well as the passionate people running.

Trần Hoàng Long.

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