Why not make a charity skin for Overwatch Australia? Blizzard gives the answer

的 Wildfires across Australia have not been completely contained, and both natural and artificial resources have suffered heavy losses. We previously reported on Blizzard,Overwatch”Players in the community call for the official launch of disaster relief firefighter skins to facilitate players to contribute their own power. Now Blizzard internal workers have publicly explained on Twitter why it is impossible for Blizzard to do so.

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“(The idea of ​​a skin) is really great, but in any development process that guarantees quality, in-game skins cannot be planned, designed, tested, and installed in such a short period of time … Nevertheless, Blizzard has started to collect Make donations with all employees to help. “

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Player-made road rage firefighter skins

Blizzard has previously used the pink angel skin that provided charitable donations for breast cancer research, so the project may also be planned for a long time. If Overwatch players really want to donate to help Australia deal with wildfires, it may be more convenient to consult the local charity directly.

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