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Why never see Apple configured with Android smartphone manufacturers?

The battle between Apple iPhone products and Android smartphones has almost never mentioned much about the configuration. Even Apple rarely gives specifications on its products at launch events, why?

Apple – Evading communication?

First, let’s recall the differences in new product launch events from Apple and other Android smartphone brands. While manufacturers such as Huawei, Samsung, Xiaomi often bring out the parameters of the configuration parameters to talk, compared to competitors, Apple goes in the opposite direction, they hide it. those things.

The trend of Android manufacturers is to use the configuration to compete, such as bringing battery capacity, benchmark scores or camera specifications to compare with products of other names, and of course indispensable. Apple. And the teasing and slanting each other became an indispensable “fun” of Android firms in each launch event.

Meanwhile, what we hear about the new iPhones is just “This is the best iPhone we’ve ever created”, they don’t even bother to other Android manufacturers. Apple usually only compares this product to its predecessors, such as the battery life on the iPhone 11 Pro lasts 4 hours longer than the iPhone XS version, or the A13 Bionic chip has an outstanding performance score. much more than the previous generation.

To know the exact amount of battery capacity or RAM on each new iPhone, we have to wait after the launch event or look up on reputable sites like GSMArena.

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Besides, while Android smartphone companies often communicate and promote features on their new smartphones with eye-catching clips and images posted on official Fanpage and forums, Apple’s Fanpage again “as absent as Mrs. Danh temple”. What Apple does is only change the avatar image, change the cover photo whenever a new product is about to be released.

So why does Apple rarely mention product configuration, why did the Apple family avoid trying to compare it with their competitors? Are they afraid of something or are there other reasons? Let’s analyze in the following article.

Apple does not hide from rivals, only that they want users to see themselves as unique

It is not natural that Apple only compared the new product to its predecessors without caring about other competitors, all from a bigger purpose as well as the “cunning” of the Apple. . It can be noted that, with Android smartphone models, every time a new product is released, users often consider which brand they choose, which product is more suitable.

As for the iPhone, Apple only compares the products between generations, which means that they want users to think of the iPhone only when they intend to buy a phone. “Is the new iPhone worth buying?”, “Owning an old iPhone, should you upgrade to a new iPhone?”, “Which iPhone should I buy?”, … These are the questions that Apple wants users. have to think about instead of fiddling with and thinking about other brands’ products.

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As can be seen, this strategy and move of Apple shows the uniqueness and wisdom of Apple in attracting users’ attention. This approach helps viewers only pay attention to Apple products without being distributed to other smartphones, as well as to see how the iPhone has improved over the years. Apple is like a prostitute with a selfish and “chubby” personality, just wants people to think of themselves only.

Not that Apple is afraid of losing when it comes to configuring it, it’s just that they want to humiliate those “empty cans”

Talking about the configuration and other specifications on the new phones, this is what Android smartphone companies like to compare, and also to create a competitive advantage for their products in the market. However, Apple does not show off the configuration is not for fear of losing in this battle, the fact that the iPhone is always at a different level when it comes to performance with the rest of the mobile village.

Speaking of configuration comparisons, the iPhone will easily be outdone if we only look at the floating part, how to show off your iPhone has 4GB of RAM while other names have been at 2, 3 or 3 times. Even more. However, it should be recognized that Apple and Android are on a completely different level, 4GB of RAM does not mean that the iPhone will handle multitasking worse than Android smartphone 8GB RAM.

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Apple is just looking for a smarter way to bring the highlights of its products to viewers without having to take the disadvantages just on paper. Besides, they do not show off the configuration or performance, although other vendors still flap their lips that our smartphones have large RAM, powerful abc xyzz processor, … But what about the results, the tests. performance, the iPhone still let Android flagships breathe.

Apple’s silence is clearly a “luxurious” behavior of a completely different level, they do not like to show off, do not like to show, what Apple does is the value that users feel. daily. It is this that will make other names may be humiliated.

In addition, not talking much about product configuration also helps Apple’s new iPhone models attract more attention and curiosity, becoming the focus of searching and “scouring” from the tech community. They will always be curious as to how much battery capacity the new iPhone actually has, how many GB of RAM, etc. This is a smart strategy.

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The philosophy of “Silence is gold” in Apple’s communications strategy

Disliking communication on social media platforms does not mean that Apple products are not good, all of them have a bigger reason behind them. Today’s users are crammed with too much advertising and media about new products, which makes them confused and sometimes annoying. Therefore, Apple chose to remain silent, to help users make more informed choices instead of being led by the media.

Besides, at a level like Apple, they do not have to do much at all, just a small “breath” of the Apple also makes the tech community excited and interested. Typically, the silent launch of the iPhone SE 2020 has consumed a lot of ink from the press from the launch until the launch, even until now.

At the same time, Apple’s ads don’t talk too much about “nonsense” parameters or features, they focus more on the user experience. Buy this new iPhone, the user will get what, the experience is not smooth, there are useful features that serve each practical purpose, …

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And once Apple has spoken, it will surely do something bigger and bigger, such as the new iPhone launch event, the annual WWDC event with many products worth waiting for as well as the version. new operating system. Apple is using the philosophy of “Silence is gold” in its communication strategy. Similarly, Apple’s promotional videos are always well researched and well-invested before being broadcast.


Apple doesn’t say it doesn’t mean that Apple is not doing well, it is even better than its competitors. What Apple does is that it wants users to get the most realistic experience, the most accurate experience, not the luxury ads. This is what makes a luxurious, much more fashionable Apple than the rest!

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