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Why Man City is criticized for provoking Di Maria

Former Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger has criticized Fernandinho after Manchester City’s Champions League semi-final win over Paris Saint-Germain.

VIDEO: MU defender fell when he was trying to block a Man City player

Di Maria was sent off for violent behavior during PSG’s 0-2 defeat to Man City at Etihad after colliding with Brazilian midfielder Fernandinho.

Wenger told beIN SPORTS: “I have to say I don’t like how Fernandinho behaves tonight. It is provocative. If I chase Di Maria, the referee has to kick Fernandinho too, I think.”

“He should have received a yellow card and then he provoked Di Maria. You both deserve to be sent off.”.

Di Maria was disqualified. Photo: Getty

Manchester City beat PSG 2-1 in Paris and was the dominant team at Etihad this morning (5/5 Vietnam time), Riyad Mahrez’s brace brought the team into the first Champions League final in the calendar. history.

On Man City’s 4-1 final victory, Arsenal legend Wenger added: ÔÇťOverall, Manchester City have less weaknesses than PSG. It can be said that PSG played well tonight, they showed top quality in some aspect of the game, but they were twice caught by counterattack situations “

“I want to say that for PSG now it is important to analyze where they can improve and it is in the defense. Their defense at the moment is not good enough to take the throne. Champions League “.

The referee was accused of swearing at the PSG player

Neymar decided to leave PSG after losing to Man City



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