Why long ago Vietnamese people like and like to use Japanese domestic goods


– For a long time in Vietnam, when my parents in the North and the North favored domestic Japanese products because of the quality features that they brought, at that time, they did not import as many things as they do now, who had a family member or carried a car. If you visit Japan or Japan, it will be very interesting. In my article, I will point out the current century why Vietnamese people like Japanese food and its advantages.

– Japanese has one inconvenient feature to mention right at the beginning of the article is that it uses 100v and 200v power, 100v power when used in Vietnam must be through a power adapter, and 200v power (in Vietnam plug 220v comfortable) are products with high power voltage such as: induction cooker, air conditioner with a capacity of over 18,000 btu or 2 hp (on the air conditioner side, they will be listed with the head number 28-36-40-56-71 -90 is equivalent to power consumption) … And the entire control panel is rectangular when used, the seller will provide translations or use google translate. Ignore that, what the great Japanese bring will be told below

– The thing that Japan and Vietnam currently use the most is the air purifier, compared to the supermarkets that have reduced their features, the Japanese high-end models integrate all the best features. sold in the world: such as panasonic air purifier with nanoeX technology, Sharp kk filter with 50,000 bactericidal ions, artificial intelligence via apps, measuring the amount of dust in the air, warning the human voice, things control air monitoring, turn on and off remotely via global apps on iphone, automatic cleaning system of air purifier, high capacity moisture compensation to ensure humidity when you use in air-conditioned room. warm


– Next is the kitchen from: other Japanese kitchen 1 of the countries below have an oven, to use grilled fish, meat, potatoes very convenient, but when installing disadvantages, you need to design kitchen cabinets from scratch to install them beautifully. and most effectively, Japanese cookers integrate a lot of leading safety technologies: sensor sensors for fire and spill prevention (in the past, my cousin had a kitchen with german bosch type 4 cooking zone, now sold about 20 million in Germany) About but there is no safety sensor sensor like the Japanese kitchen), when you boil near the stove will turn itself off, when the soup pot spill over the kitchen surface will alarm and turn off the stove, on the magnetic stove with infrared sensor to remote switch on and off synchronized, when you turn on the kitchen will automatically turn on or can adjust the hood right on the kitchen , allmetal technology is exclusive only Japanese kitchen that you can use all kinds of pots as long as the metal pot, the oven is a little thoughtful but in the cold weather in the north or the family needs a party to grill squid or other The barbecue is very convenient, the oven I find is very worthwhile baking all kinds of cakes, pizza, shrimp and fish


– Japanese fan is one thing that has been proudly praised from afar for its smoothness: 2 famous brands are panasonic and hitachi, high-class Japanese fans use DC motor with 6-8 wind adjustment. , wind mode when you use the computer does not hear the fan running, the temperature sensor technology, night mode, sleep timer, turn off, turn the fan up and down are integrated, your parents or anyone Also like Japanese fans



– One thing outside the North that has been used in recent months is the Japanese dehumidifier: ngta said why not use dehumidifier, but it is very cold outside in the North, so it is very popular. dehumidifier of Japan, because when dehumidifying it does not blow out the cold air also works to warm the air anymore, this is very valuable months of the rainy season, while in the south, few people use it.


– Japanese washing machines are really a technology that they go far beyond many countries: high-class washing machines from Panasonic, Toshiba in Japan, all with fulloption, their block drying technology whether you wash nylon clothes. After drying, it is not broken like the dryer line in a supermarket, it combines hot air blowing and cold air circulating by block as air conditioner to prevent expensive nylon clothes from wrinkling or being damaged by using the bar. heat like normal washing machines so that when drying, the clothes will not be damaged (my house bought the highest quality Lg used for drying, still damaged clothes and poorly bought 50 million VND with washing tub), many integrated technologies I can not tell all such as: deodorizing bacteria after drying, heat pump, spin dancing, foam bubble washing technology, self pump technology n by washing liquid and rinse you just fill two containers in the washing machine from then each time the washing machine calculates itself to wash out the appropriate amount of detergent you do not need to pour washing or rinsing anymore , color touch screen and many preset modes, many hot water wash modes, minute to minute adjustment modes, to provide the most effective washing and drying effect


– Next thing that European or Japanese countries use is an electrolytic water filter, you can google learn about electrolyte or ionized water, according to this article, it is very good for health today. used by many European countries for a long time, on wiki also about electrolyte or ionized water, you can find more, the electrolytic water purifier in the article is from Trim ti-5hx domestic domestic 1 floating carrier. top language with them


– This is famous Japanese domestic fridge and I do not say much because there are many articles on the planet, which is really worth investing in the family, in which hitachi is worth a good refrigerator company. Most domestic Japanese parties


– The rice cooker I think is probably the proudest and highest point of the Japanese, in the world right does not see any country that produces rice cookers as good as the Japanese rice cooker, integrated with many of their invention technologies: Touch, vacuum to help keep rice hot for 48 hours, pressure to stir the rice during cooking to make the best rice, IH is their default, so I don’t need to mention it, there are ten modes in the pot. Cook and different types of rice, Japanese rice cooker probably has many articles about it, so you can refer to read more.


– The last thing I wrote was the microwave oven: on the Japanese high-end microwave oven, they also integrated grill, color touch screen similar to iphone, pre-set menu of about 450 dishes, baked for delicious crunchy dishes. What is the oil-free frying machine today, many modes such as steaming dumplings, boiling vegetables, boiling eggs, warming milk for children, 3D microwave without a turntable, convection baking dome, moisture compensation the moisture-compensating water tray inside the machine, cleaning the machine with high-temperature steam, …, really don’t think Japanese people think they integrate so much technology into the machine



– There is one more thing in Japan that Vietnam is very fond of is the air conditioner with many exclusive technologies only produced exclusively for the country with a very large and heavy cold surface, but there are many already so I do not write more, It’s not like all these years before our generation and now people still prefer domestic Japanese goods, their Japanese research and production of home appliances are very convenient for consumers, and care about quality. First, they only produce the best stuff and sell it in their country, so they call it domestic and don’t export and sell it to the world, anyone who goes to Japan will understand, so on electronics boxes word: Use only in japan, the quality of local Japanese goods is very good compared to the current price and when used, We just understand why everyone else is so popular!

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