Why is Zoom so attractive to users? - VnReview
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Why is Zoom so attractive to users? – VnReview

The highlight of Zoom is also the critical weakness of this application, when constantly “protecting” user information.

It seems that Zoom online video conferencing solution has become too popular for every user now. People flock to the service to connect with friends, build digital clubs and even organize weddings on it. However, during Zoom’s current “braking” development period, researchers and journalists carefully analyzed the application and discovered countless security and privacy risks of users. . People have come to realize that free apps often come at the cost of their personal data.

Zoom’s main selling point, at least for most users around the world, is that it offers free 40-minute calls with up to 100 attendees. Besides, this application is relatively easy to use, people do not need to log in to access the call and the user interface is quite intuitive. However, other features make users face a lot of risks.

As an example, Zoombombing is an attack that takes advantage of the randomly generated Zoom system’s ID access code and does not require a password to join the call. Some will infiltrate the call room and perform offensive acts, such as pornography. In addition, an automated toolkit developed by security researchers was able to find about 100 Zoom meeting IDs in an hour and information of nearly 2,400 such meetings in just one day of scanning, An example of the simplicity of finding a meeting to join on the app. Zoom says that passwords have been activated by the end of last year, but many people are still subjective in not using them.

That is not the only risk to Zoom. The company is also having problems with the “Company Directory” setting, leaking users’ emails and photos, while Zoom also acknowledges that video calls on the app are not End-to-end encryption as they publish. The company has stated that in the next 90 days it will not launch new features but will only focus on fixing security issues.

Users continue to see Zoom as the current top choice because of its ease of use as well as its free, but Zoom’s competitors are also showing moves to catch up. There are many alternatives available today and many offer free features or increase the number of participants. Zoom is one of the rare successful companies in the dark world and is trying to maintain that position, although to do so they will need to improve on many things, prioritizing security and privacy. The user experience is more than easy to use.

Jiang Yu according to The Verge

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