Why is Xiaomi releasing so many flagships?  Whereas manufacturers only have 1 to 2 units a year
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Why is Xiaomi releasing so many flagships? Whereas manufacturers only have 1 to 2 units a year

Why is Xiaomi releasing so many flagships? Whereas manufacturers only have 1 to 2 units a year

Nguyen Duy Linh

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While smartphone manufacturers only release 1 to 2 flagship phones per year, Xiaomi is different, as recently Xiaomi and its sub-brand Redmi both launched the next generation of flagship phones, Mi 10 Ultra and K30 Ultra. So the question is why the company launched so many flagships? Please join me to answer in this article!

Let users always have the ‘latest’ flagship

Xiaomi’s upcoming flagship, the Mi10 Ultra

First, it can be said that the Mi 10 price increase has affected Xiaomi quite a lot. The company only sold 1 million devices in the Mi 10 series, less than 2.5 million on its predecessor Mi 9. Therefore, the fact that Xiaomi has to release more flagship is to be able to compensate for sales in general and rebalancing revenue, profit, …

In addition to offset sales, the launch of many flagships also hits the user’s psychology, making users think that if they ‘open the wallet’ at any time, they can be able to own the latest flagship.

However, in reality, the differences between the devices are not much or only focus on a few differences. These flagships will often use the same configuration with different levels of RAM and internal memory for each price. The Mi 10, K30 Pro and Poco F2 Pro, for example, all share similar levels of configuration or even similar design languages.

Buying parts wholesale to have a cheap price, but if you buy more, you must make full use of it

Components on Xiaomi phones

Actually, the company that buys components in batches or wholesales will get a higher discount, which means that the buying price will also be cheaper and of course Xiaomi is also among them.

Not to mention, Xiaomi is also a big company with a wide market, quite dense product range covering almost all price segments and many sub-brands. This will make it easier for Xiaomi to consume those cheap wholesale parts. Typically, the Snapdragon 865 processor has been equipped with many devices such as Mi 10, Reami K30 Pro, Poco F2 Pro, …

In addition, sometimes when a product line is not sold well, with such a large product portfolio, Xiaomi can cook and create a new flagship with some more attractive features and parameters.

Is Xiaomi confused about what is the true flagship of its flagship?

Where is the real flagship of Xiaomi

Previously, Xiaomi was only known for its flagship Mi and Mi MIX lines. But with the recent fact that Xiaomi has not mentioned Mi MIX 4 or stopped the Mi MIX Alpha project, as well as launched a series of flagship level 2 such as Redmi K30 Pro, Poco F2 Pro, … it shows that the company is quite confused. about determining what is the mainstay of its flagship.

And yet, these same level 2 flagships have made users confused about which flagship to choose. It is true that many products will help the company create more advantages, but this is also a double-edged sword when it will partly prevent the breakthrough of the real flagship of the company.

With the above reasons, it must partly answer the question raised at the beginning of the article and of course this is your opinion, and what is your opinion? Please leave comments below to discuss together!

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