Why is Wifi slow?  How to speed up the internet connection?

Why is Wifi slow? How to speed up the internet connection?

Why is Wifi slow? How to speed up wifi, internet connection, … has been an eternal question that many people complain about. To find the answer, please read the same refer to the following article by ElectrodealPro.

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Not only you, but a lot of users still wonder why Wifi is slow? How to speed up the internet connection? In the article below, ElectrodealPro will answer you this question.

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Why is Wifi slow? How to speed up the internet connection?

Instructions on how to increase WiFi speed

Shark biting fiber optic cable is the cause of slow network connection, Wifi?

Why is Wifi slow? How to speed up the internet connection?

What is more annoying when surfing the web, going to Facebook, watching YouTube movies with a slow internet connection causing jerky errors, lag, unable to load photos, ….

There are many causes of slow WiFi, possibly due to faulty modem, router problems, poor Wifi signal, signal strength on the cable line, slow DNS server and even in some cases. Internet service provider “squeezes” the bandwidth.

Why do I need to take steps to improve my connection to the internet?

If the problem lies with an Internet Service Provider (ISP), the ideal solution is to use a VPN (virtual private network or virtual private network) to test.

Follow the steps below to use a VPN to check if the VPN service provider is squeezing the bandwidth, making the Wifi connection slow or not:

Step 1: Troubleshooting common problems

If you’re facing slow Wi-Fi connections, don’t blame your Internet service provider. Before you reach the final conclusion, the first step you need to do is check and fix common problems, including: checking the router location, re-adjusting router antennas, network security checks, … also find out if the AAG cables are broken.

Assuming that if the cause is due to the break of the AAG sea cable, you can refer to the article How to fix slow network, the network is fluttering, the internet speed is slow when the AAG cable is broken on ElectrodealPro to find out how to fix the error.

If you have checked and fixed the common problems that the Wifi connection is still slow, move on to the troubleshooting steps below.

Step 2: Check the Internet connection status

The next step is to check the status of your Internet connection, the easiest way is to test the network through M-Lab. Access Here.

Wi-Fi slow, other wifi problem

Basically M-Lab will test the speed of your Internet connection and evaluate whether your ISP (Internet service provider) is providing stable network performance or not.

Step 3: Choose a reliable VPN

In case if you still think that your Internet service provider is squeezing the bandwidth and making your Wifi slow, it’s time to get help from a VPN.

There are dozens of reasons to use a VPN, such as security, price and server location, …

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If you are wondering which VPN to choose, readers can refer to some articles already on ElectrodealPro to learn more. VPN list best free 2020 offline.

Step 4: Compare Internet speed

The next step is to test and test the speed of your Internet connection by visiting sites like Fast.com or Speedtest.net. Compare the results with the VPN connection test.

WiFi speed increase

In general, using a VPN can dramatically decrease the speed of your network connection. However, because a VPN hides the IP address, which is used by the Internet service provider to identify the user. In the case if the Internet speed when using a VPN but faster than when not using the VPN, it means that the ISP is squeezing, adjusting your bandwidth.

Step 5: Speed ​​up the Internet connection

Even if you find your ISP is throttling, squeezing bandwidth, and causing a slow WiFi error, you won’t do much but look for and use another better ISP.

Easy wifi connection

Here are some suggestions for you:

If possible, choose a more reliable Internet service provider.
– Use a VPN to maintain the connection speed. Although the downside of a VPN is that it slows down the network connection, it is also a solution to speed up and maintain the connection in case the ISP squeezes the bandwidth.
Finally, contact your Internet service provider for assistance.

This article above ElectrodealPro just answered your question Why is Wifi slow? How to speed up the internet connection? Hope the above article has provided you with useful information. In addition, you should also regularly change the wifi modem password at work or at home for better security.


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