Why is the rpm high in idle mode?

Why is the rpm high in idle mode?

Unstable revs when the vehicle is operating in idle mode is quite common. So the reason is?

When the car operates in idle mode (also known as the garage mode), the car engine rotation will have a speed of about 800 – 1,000 rpm. This is a stable speed, it is considered too high if it increases above 1,500 rpm.

When the car is idle, the engine is in a cold state, to warm up the ECU engine to increase the idle speed. The temperature of the car will gradually heat up to about 80-90 degrees Celsius, enough temperature to work. At this time, the engine speed will return to normal. However, sometimes the idle speed continues to remain high even though the engine temperature is hot enough. Motor gasoline will be more expensive and there may even be a situation where the car engine is overheated. When faced with this situation, the owner should take the car to the maintenance center to check and repair the car in time.

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The main reasons for high revs in idle mode

Open a negative pressure pipe

This open pipe will allow air to pass through, leading to an increase in the amount of fuel sprayed. Too much air and fuel spills the engine. This is a fairly easy fix. Vehicle owners only need to close the gap to prevent air from passing through. To check for loopholes, the vehicle owner listens to the sound of the wind, the location of the noise is where the gap appears. Just close this gap, the speed of rotation will quickly return to normal.

Negative pressure may appear in the pipeNegative pressure may appear in the pipe

The crankcase vent valve is broken

When using a car for a long time, the soot inside the car engine can fly under the PCV ventilation to get into the suction. Engines can suffer serious consequences, such as idling or stalling. To fix this, the owner of the vehicle needs to clamp the two parts that are the connecting pipe to the vent valve. The speed of rotation will be reduced, however, it should be noted that if the speed decreases too much, it is necessary to replace the PCV valve.

The idle valve has malfunctioned

No-load valve is responsible for adjusting the amount of air that is transmitted to the combustion chamber when the vehicle is operating at idle. So when the idle valve goes wrong, the amount of air will be uncontrolled and the speed of rotation will increase. Even when the idle valve is working properly, an incorrect control signal can affect the operating results. The reason why the control signal is distorted is because the car oxygen sensor or cooling water temperature sensor is malfunctioning.

Van does not load of carsVan does not load of cars

How to adjust garanti cars

Newly purchased cars work well but can’t explode garanti, because the gasoline in the gas has been misplaced. The owner only needs to use a small screwdriver to reposition the needle properly. The air drawn by the piston to the tip of the fuel injection nozzle will cause the gasoline to spill out and ignite. Cars will be assisted to start when the weather is too cold thanks to the le position located behind the air filter.


  • There should spray anti rust under cars
  • Car seat cover
  • Bare leather automobile

How to adjust garanti:

  • The first step, the car owner needs to clean the air filter or replace the air filter, if the wind is stuck in the closed position, it should be fixed immediately.
  • Next, remove the gas pedal and remove the needle.
  • Then reinstall the system and perform garanti tuning. Loosen about 1mm of the screw adjust the throttle cable. Continue screwing up the gasoline to the tightest level and loosen about 1 to 1.5 turns. Start the car and let the car idle for a few minutes to warm up. Finally, adjust the wind screw, the part located at the foot of the gas station. Keep turning until the engine is released, the engine still explodes steadily and smoothly. Owners may need to do this a few times before they can reach the standard result.

Start the car in idle mode within minutesStart the car in idle mode within minutes

Adjusting the garanti to accuracy will help car owners save fuel and limit engine overheating.

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