Why is the Keycap SA Profile so expensive?

Why is the Keycap SA Profile so expensive?

Keycap SA Profile is a keycap set that almost every keyboard player wants to have at least one set. What makes this keycap so attractive?

First, if you are in the group of mechanical keyboard groups in Vietnam, you can see that everyone wants to show off his Keycap SA Profile as a statement, the distinction that you are a table player Mechanical keys are different from regular users. This is quite sensitive as a statement that if you have this Keycap SA, you are a "player". If you don't own any Keycap SA Profile set, are you not a keyboard player? Of course not. So what makes this keycap so special

Keycap SA Profile is very limited in number

Keycap SA Profile sets usually only produce the correct number of user orders through groupbuy (group purchase). With no mass production, these items are limited edition and not easy to buy. Since then, the value of the SA keycap sets has increased significantly.

keycap sa profile
The Calm Depths are priced up to $ 450

Subscriptions are usually placed on Geekhack pages, Deskthority and 3 to 6 months of production even with sets that can take time to year. The value of these keycap sets lies in waiting patiently and those who really spend such a long time waiting for a keycap are hard to sell. This is also one reason you can hardly find the SA Profile keycap on websites.

Keycap SA Profile has a good appearance

Keycap SA Profile has both beautiful keycap and the designs on them are also very eye-catching. In terms of typing, this keycap is not the best, but if you talk about beauty, then they will probably be first.

keycap sa profile

Of course, by attracting a large number of users to buy at a high price, Keycap SA must be beautiful in appearance. And according to the majority of current key players, they are appreciated.

Besides being beautiful, the quality of these keycap sets is also very good. For example, Keycap SA Profile produced by SP (Signature Plastic) is made by doubleshot technology and perfect quality always comes first. Besides, there are still other famous manufacturers like GMK of Germany.

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