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Why is the iPad so successful while the Android tablet has been cheating?

People often say the phone, you can choose between Android and iPhone, but the tablet must buy the iPad. There is a good reason for this, because the iPad tablet experience is much better than Android tablets.

1. The screen rate slowly changes

When the new Android tablet appeared, Android tablets used the 16: 9 and 16:10 aspect ratio screens, while the iPad followed 4: 3 ratios from the beginning. Using a wide ratio for tablets is unreasonable because when you hold it sideways, it is too wide to balance, while the vertical grip is too narrow, the display area is too small to read the contents. is having to squint down the line. At that time, the Android tablet also preferred the size of 10-11 ", which makes it even more annoying.

This happened until about 2014-2015, the companies making Android tablet began to switch to 4: 3 or 3: 2 ratio, which is more square and can be used accordingly. Samsung, Google, and Asus have all moved to this square rate so far. Microsoft also switched to using 3: 2 for their Surface Pro 3 and up to now.

Now the Galaxy Tab S4 has now returned to using the 16:10 ratio. I tried and didn't like it Tablet without making square is lost.

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2. The app's optimization is lower

In addition to Google's application, not many other apps have optimized interface for Android tablet, while on iOS side, they have invested in making iPad.

The reason is simple, because the behavior of iOS user groups in general and iPad in particular is often positive and generates many benefits or even giving them money, so they invest in iOS a lot. Android users tend to spend, interact less so they don't. This one I saw many big and small companies have done.

And because the most valuable mobile device – the app itself – is not optimal, Android's tablet advantage is almost gone.

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3. Fragmentation of Android tablet seriously

The phone is also updated by Android vendors, but the tablet has a much slower update speed due to the small number of users, companies put time and personnel for more important devices. This fragmentation is not only in the Android version but also in the configuration, the dev Android brothers should also occasionally listen to this complaint about the app being faulty on the Android tablet or running too slowly on low-configuration machines.

This fragmentation makes programmers not have much motivation to create the optimal app version for Android tablet. Meanwhile, the iPad has differences in configuration and screen size, but the difference is not much, and the app will run smoothly on all iPad configurations that are supported by iOS version without encountering any difficulties. . High performance plus long-term support for iOS is what makes iPad not fragmented with negative consequences like Android.

4. Design, less perfect

While Android phones are constantly being upgraded and improved to become more competitive with the iPhone, even surpassing the iPhone, the design and quality of Android tablet is still very boring. It is also true because the Android tablet is now in a period of no interest, so the company does not want to invest. Meanwhile, the iPad is constantly being refreshed by Apple, not only with the configuration but also the appearance. iPad Pro 2018 with very thin borders, unlocked by Face ID, speed of the altar …

Currently on the market the tablet does not have any good and good Android tablet like the new iPad Pro, and even the iPad 2-3 years ago is still much better.

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5. Market demand is not much

It is undeniable that the tablet market is now in the saturated period, the demand is not as much as it used to be and Apple is too strong in this segment so companies are no longer motivated to run Android tablet business. . We can use the big screen phones instead of the tablet, of course the experience is still far behind in terms of content consumption, but much more convenient, bringing it here is also easier than tablet.

Currently only the tablet running Windows, mainly Surface, and the iPad is still remarkable and should be purchased. Android tablets are now not a good option for you to spend money on, because they are no longer interested. Even Samsung's new Galaxy Tab isn't as good as the iPad.

Duy Luân

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