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Why is Netflix not popular in Vietnam?

So far you are probably familiar with Netflix, a leading online movie provider from retail movies like Bird Box to films like Stranger Things, and Sense8 is extremely successful. But as I observe from life around myself, not many families use Netflix. But why is such a formidable force not popular in Vietnam?

Copyright issues, pirated online movie websites are full in Vietnam

1 pirated online movie website in Vietnam

In recent years, the copyright issues of intellectual products such as movies and music are increasingly hardened in Vietnam, but that is not enough, because you can afford to easily watch the sets. movies after about a month since it appeared very easily in online movie websites. What about Neflix movies? People who watch Stranger Things around themselves when asked where to look, most of them will get only one pirated online movie site, but no one told me "Download Netflix and watch!".

Vietnamese movies and Vietnamese shows are attractive to many people, especially "Comedy".

Opening up the TV is to see countless comedy shows, knowledge programs will also invite MCs who are comedians to draw viewers, comedy everywhere, all over the country. And it still attracts many viewers, especially those who work, after one day of work, perhaps opening a TV to watch a humorous, humorous program of Vietnam will be better than the award programs. foreign position.

Vietnamese movies are getting better and better

The quality of Vietnamese films now also seems to be better, especially I see all over the social networks that people discuss Vietnamese movies quite a lot like "Go home and see", "The Judge". .. So Vietnamese people watch Vietnamese movies also affect the popularity of Netflix.

TV products from Asian countries, especially Korea

Because of the similarity of Asia with many similarities, Korean, Thai, Chinese television and movies programs easily attract many Vietnamese people and they always have a team that provides extremely large subtitles. . Every year, according to my attention, at least there will be a Korean or Chinese movie that will cause "disturbance" of the social network, as if I don't see it myself, but my friends will talk about it. mind them, make sure the fever is not inferior to the American series. Closing their eyes also tells the story of "Song-Song" derived from the movie "The Descendants of the Sun" which caused a fever for women since 2017, which caused the two Korean actors to divorce each other. Unbelievable belief because the hotness of the movie is too big.

Netflix costs money and not every movie has vietsub


Pay TV is normal and TV stations in Vietnam have channels to pay monthly. Therefore choosing between a US service where there is no Vietnamese movie, not every movie has vietsub compared to a service provided by Vietnamese radio stations, and foreign movie channels like HBO, there are Vietnamese movies, then there are football games, how Vietnamese people are crazy about football, everyone knows. So this is also a reason that Netflix is ​​not popular in Vietnam.

Youtube or social networks are still a "power".


"Upper golden bran" – That is Youtube, you can see everything on it (though now quite annoying because of advertising if it's free). The fact that YouTube is still successful now is because you can watch a 2-hour movie, but you can still watch a 2-minute clip and it is still enough for you to relieve stress. The content is extremely much because it recognizes extremely creative youtube channel owners. It is not difficult to see motorcyclists, or street vendors who watch short videos on youtube or facebook.

What opportunity for Netflix?


The only problem is time! In my opinion, with copyright issues being taken seriously, young people learn English, and then their children. The success of Netflix becoming popular in Vietnam or later on other television services will be inevitable. And the most beneficiary is consumers, who strive to know English, and benefit from the competition of television services, which will make films and programs more compelling and meaningful. more if you want to attract users.

Do you have any additional ideas for me?


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