Why is Belarus asking the US to investigate the coup attempt?

Why is Belarus asking the US to investigate the coup attempt?

According to Belarusian authorities, the Minsk administration has submitted a request to the competent US judicial authorities for legal assistance in the framework of a criminal case of conspiracy to carry out a coup and conspiracy. close to President Alexander Lukashenko.

Official Representative of the State Security Commission (KGB) Belarus, Andrei Yarosh, said: “The KGB Investigation Department has submitted a request for legal assistance to the competent judiciary of the United States of America. , proposing to determine the whereabouts of the defendants, interrogate them, carry out other investigative and procedural actions in order to comprehensively find out all details of the case ”.

According to the KGB representative, the country’s legal authorities have also initiated the extradition of named people to Belarus. In addition, the KGB also reported that 9 people accused in a criminal case were preparing for a coup in Belarus, 3 of whom are living in the US.

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On April 17, Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko announced the arrest of a group of people preparing to assassinate him and his children. This group of people includes both Belarusian citizens and foreigners, as well as special services of the United States involved in this.

Official charges were made against four of the detainees, including US and Belarusian attorney Yuri Zenkovich, all of whom pleaded guilty.

It was announced that as planned, the criminal group will conduct a coup in Belarus on May 9 (known by the countries of the former Soviet Union as “Victory Day” of Nazi Germany in World War II).

According to the republic’s KGB, in addition to the assassination of President Lukashenko, the conspirators also want to organize an armed uprising to seize power by means of violence.

On the Russian side, the director of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), Alexander Bortnikov, also confirmed documents proving the attempt to organize a military coup in Belarus.

According to him, the objective and reliable documents received by the FSB as a result of the interrogation of those detained in Moscow proved this.

Discussing how the United States tries to play a role in this coup plot, the Russian FSB director said that the issue is being investigated within the framework of a criminal case that the National Security Commission and Belarusian investigators are in progress. Formal conclusions will be drawn based on the final investigation results.

According to observers, Belarus is making a very dangerous move, asking the United States for legal assistance in the investigation of a criminal case on the conspiracy of a coup and assassination of President Alexander Lukashenko. If you do not accept it, it will be difficult to speak before the international community, but if Washington accepts to help Minsk, it will be like blaming yourself.

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