Why is iPhone sac buying a camera?

Why iPhone charging long enough in the summer | How to cool the phone in the summer

If you notice, users will see Iphone or other smartphones charge longer in the summer, especially in cars. The more hot the battery is, the slower the charging cycle.

This is a safe mechanism that manufacturers design to help protect batteries from overheating, which can cause a fire and explosion, while preventing the battery from operating for long periods of time.

iPhone will charge longer in summer. Image: Prykhodov.

Apple Recommended iPhone works best in the temperature range of 0-35 ° C, maximum only from -20 ° C to 45 ° C. If outside this range, you should not use the device.

"Don't leave the device in the car because the temperature there is beyond this range," Apple warned on its website.

Especially in the summer, users absolutely do not leave the iPhone in the sun, or near sources of heat. Users should also limit the use of GPS services and power-consuming features.

The iPhone can issue a warning when it detects that the ambient temperature has exceeded the allowed level. However, you should also pay attention to abnormal signs, such as a dimmed screen, a long charge (or almost no motion) or a camera to stop working, a weak signal.

Why is iPhone sac buying the camera 2?
The iPhone may issue a warning, but you need to be aware of other signs. Image: YouKu.

How to cool the iPhone

Smartphones are becoming things that are not separated from many people. But amidst the hot summer weather, you should pay attention to protecting your iPhone, remembering the following principles in the most.

– When the iPhone is too hot, you should turn off the power and stop using it for a while to lower the temperature.

– Reduce screen brightness, turn off the background application and drain the battery, or it can be set to airplane mode.

– Removing the back cover will help reduce heat somewhat for iPhone, avoid leaving the phone under the pillow or in the car.

– Do not charge iPhone when the device is too hot, as this process makes the surface temperature rise.

– Put the iPhone in a place with shade to cool down to avoid direct sunlight. Absolutely do not put your iPhone in the refrigerator because sudden temperature changes or steam may damage the device.


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