Why have to adjust the car wheel precision?

Why have to adjust the car wheel precision?

Deviation of vehicle wheel will affect the overall performance of the vehicle.

Wheel precision is actually a car’s wheel angle. When the wheel angle is not properly aligned, the vehicle can greatly affect its performance. One of the most common phenomena of unalibrated wheel precision is that the vehicle is moving in a straight direction but the steering wheel position is skewed to one side.

We can observe this phenomenon with the naked eye, the car has incorrect precision, the vehicle has a “head one style one tail”. That means the head and tail are not in the same direction, the head is straight, but the tail is deviated. Many people who are not knowledgeable tend to solve this problem by trying to grip the steering wheel tightly to keep the steering wheel in a straight direction. Of course, this method can help the car move as usual, but in long-distance conditions, this method will not be effective because the owner will feel tired and sore hands. In addition, not aligning the wheel precision correctly will harm the tire, reducing the tire’s life.

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Misalignment of the wheel has many consequences

The wheel precision deviation error occurs silently, not suddenly. Vehicle owners are often subjective because they do not feel the appearance of this deviation. Holding hands to hold the steering wheel will become an unconscious habit that makes the owner of the car unable to grasp the real car condition. In fact, many car owners do not care about the precision of the wheel, they do not think that this will have such a big impact on cars.

Car manufacturers have designed it so that there is an angle between the wheel, the body and the road surface. So why is it necessary to have wheel precision? The four wheels of a car are always in direct contact with the road surface, so the angle between the wheel, body and face is always designed with the optimum properties such that the vehicle receives the following benefits:

  • Very good grip
  • Smooth driving
  • High tank durability
  • Prevent tire wear rate

Each line of cars has a different precision, which depends on what the car manufacturer wants. Thus, it can be seen that not aligning the car’s wheel precision will cause difficulties in the operation process, car tires are not worn unevenly, road grip is poor and steering is not smooth.

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One of the popular wheel corners

For vehicles with precise precision, vehicle owners will feel that the vehicle control is softer, the car moves flexibly, steadily and can hardly suffer from distraction. On the contrary, cars with wrong wheel precision will not be able to go in the right direction without the efforts of the owners, the driver always has to work hard to control these cars. The most serious is that when the steering wheel is deflected, a car can collide with other vehicles leading to traffic accident. Especially when it rains, the car can easily slip long on the road or have a tire explosion or sudden tire loss.

Wheel angle alignment is essential

Therefore, car owners should focus on checking and aligning the wheel angle regularly. Take your car to the service center so that car care professionals will correct the wheel angle correctly.

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In the days before machines were not modern, people used manual precision correction. Maintenance will observe with the naked eye or use infrared, laser to measure. Nowadays, the old methods have gradually been replaced. Specialized software for measuring the wheel angle and microprocessor was born. Using machines is the most accurate and convenient way to adjust the precision of the wheel. Not only saves time than traditional manual methods, but this method also provides accurate results, measuring both hidden and imaginary angles that traditional methods had to “give up” before.

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