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Why have the buttons on the PS5 controller lost their color?

The buttons on the DualSense controller designed specifically for the PS5 no longer feature the traditional colors of other Sony controllers. The designer of the next-gen console explained the reasons behind this surprising choice to say the least.

The DualSense joystick
The DualSense controller – Credit: Sony

Sony controllers for PlayStation consoles have always had colored buttons, with the exception of special editions. These colors were present from the first DualShock released in 1997. The designer then explained that the triangle, round, cross and square symbols had been chosen for simplicity. They have become totally emblematic of the brand while Microsoft has always used letters for the buttons, like Nintendo for that matter.

The triangle is in green, the circle is in red, the cross is in blue and the square is in pink. These iconic colors nevertheless disappear on la DualSense, Sony’s brand new controller for the PlayStation 5. Not only is it no longer called DualShock, but its buttons are also discolored. What prompted Sony to make such a decision?

The DualSense marks a revival for PlayStation

The Senior Art Director of PlayStation, Yujin Morisawa, returned to this decisive choice in an interview with The Washington Post. He claimed that colors have always been used, except for the special editions of the DualShock. Yujin Morisawa said that: “ for the PlayStation 5, we tried to eliminate what was already there “. What he means is that the PS5 marks a revival for the Japanese manufacturer. Its design is completely different from previous consoles and, for the first time in the history of the brand, it is available in a two-tone white and black color.

In the continuity of the PlayStation 5, the DualSense is also very different from previous controllers. With it, Sony even decided to end the 25-year difference between Japan and the West by making “X” button validation a standard. Yujin Morisawa added that: “ I wanted to simplify it and make it universal. The button pattern already shows what it represents. You really don’t need a color for the buttons. So I made them in one tone “. The latest news is that the DualSense is indeed compatible with the PS3 and Nintendo Switch. In addition, it can be used on Android and PC.

The DualSense controller will be on sale from November 19 in France at the same time as the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition. Designer Yujin Morisawa also confided during this interview that the PS5 was almost even more imposing. His original concept had larger dimensions, but engineers had asked him to reduce them.

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