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Why hasn't Google created a 'decent' Android phone?

The Android operating system has so far been more than 10 "old", and the brand's phone line has Google almost same with Android from the beginning. After the Nexus product line was launched in 2010, Google continued to release Pixel line with higher price in 2016.

Google phones are outsourced by reputable partners such as HTC, LG or Foxconn. Many unique software features like extremely effective night mode are also introduced by Google first on Pixel.

There are many advantages like that, why are Nexus phones and Pixel phones not so successful, even every machine has a deadly weakness?

Every Nexus to Pixel has errors

Many models of Nexus series and Pixel devices are reflected by users about the annoying errors when using. Nexus 4, Nexus 5 are all complaining about batteries. Nexus 6P has two more serious problems than bootloop – the situation cannot boot up and power down. Google and Huawei have to accept compensation for many users because of Nexus 6P errors.

From Nexus to Pixel, almost every year there are errors. Image: The Verge.

The Google Nexus line is priced in mid-range and high-end segments, so their errors are more acceptable. However, when pushing the price to a high level with the Pixel line, Google still could not guarantee the machine to run well. In addition to the problem of poor battery, early Pixel was also complained about camera stripes, microphones, and hot flashes.

Every smartphone has problems, but the Google Pixel line always seems to be at fault with the most basic things.

Ben Schoon from the page 9to5Google

The Pixel 2 generation is complaining about performance. When opening the camera application, take a picture or open the notification section, there is a shock and lag.

The performance problem has not been completely overcome on Pixel 3, even the poor RAM management status has caused the application to exit immediately when in use. That's not to mention hardware errors such as monitors, microphones, wireless chargers, etc., which are reflected by many users.

“Every smartphone has a problem, that's the truth. However, Google Pixel line always seems to be at fault with the most basic things, and they keep accepting the error for a long time without fixing it, "Ben Schoon's 9to5Google share.

Google phones are a way to affirm their position

In fact, Google's goal when launching the Nexus product line, Pixel is not necessarily a profit from hardware business. Although very popular among tech enthusiasts and Android operating systems, the Pixel series never reached the top of selling smartphones.

Every year, Google sells only a few million Pixel. They also did not build a network of sales channels that were too large, but mainly sold through the network or online store. With negligible sales, it is clear that Google does not place heavy emphasis on its smartphone business.

"The Pixel competes with the iPhone in terms of the user's mind, not on the sales table."

Editor Vlad Savov, The Verge.

What they want is to assert their position in the technology village. As a company that owns the Android operating system, Google's software appears on hundreds of millions of new smartphones and devices sold every quarter.

However, the diversity of Android makes it sometimes confusing for manufacturers to find the direction for their products.

In the first years of Android, the Nexus product line is an example of how "pure" an Android experience can be convincing. While manufacturers are creative with a host of new features, the Nexus smartphone is convincing thanks to the "clean" Android software.

What about a Google star that creates an Android phone? picture 2
With Pixel, Google wants to show how good their software is. Image: Le Trong.

So far, it can be said that Google has been somewhat successful when orienting the largest smartphone company, Samsung towards closer to a simpler Android experience. Before the failure in the smartphone segment, Sony and HTC also gradually converted to the minimalist Android version.

After completing the task of persuading its partners, Google wants to show its position to the average users. Pixel's mission is to show how convincing Google software is.

If compared to the parameters, Pixel smartphone is always inferior to high-end products in the same year. They do not use large capacity batteries, are determined to only equip 4 GB of RAM while competitors have twice the amount of RAM. The hardware conservatism is shown when the Pixel 3 still has only one camera on the back, while even the cheap smartphones in 2018 have two cameras.

The configuration is not high, the battery is low, with only 1 camera, the Pixel's hardware is obviously not impressive. Perhaps Google wants to confirm that it does not look at the parameters, because Pixel smartphones will overcome all those restrictions with "great" software from Google.

Sorry, that does not happen in practice.

Google was too confident in the software's capabilities

To be fair, Pixel cameras have set the standard for photography software. HDR + mode, processor exclusively for AI on Pixel 2 and Pixel 3 on night mode are all remarkable software achievements. Pixel smartphones are all ranked high in the ability to take photos in reviews.

However, only software is not enough to bring a perfect smartphone, overcome hardware limitations. Although Google has made battery improvements in every Android version, Pixel still suffers from low battery life. Meanwhile, many smartphone companies have good battery smartphones with the simplest method: use high capacity batteries.

What about a Google star that creates an Android phone? picture 3
The Pixel 3 is quite fuzzy in the mobile market. Image: The Verge.

The decision to use only 4 GB of RAM for high-end smartphones in 2018 proved to be false. Many users complained about Pixel 3's bad multitasking capabilities. It turns out how good software optimization can't help Pixel 3 not get out of app halfway, a problem that is hard to accept with high-end smartphones. .

Google thinks that their secret software formula can win over the dominance of hardware on competitors, but the market doesn't think so.

Editor Alex Dobie, Android Central.

Even the most powerful point of a camera on Pixel cannot overcome physical limitations.

When there is only one camera, the Pixel cannot capture impressive super-wide-angle photos like Samsung Galaxy S10Also, it is impossible to enlarge images without compromising on quality like Huawei P30 Pro.

After nearly 10 years, Pixel still acts only as a "device" of Google. Even in that role, it is still a bad example for other firms with lots of big and small errors. That's hard to accept in an expensive smartphone.

The spec may not be the only thing that determines the quality of a smartphone, but it is still very important. Too confident in their software that they leave hardware, Google instead of creating sample devices gives examples that their partners should avoid.


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