Why Facebook is disabled, common causes

Why Facebook is disabled, common causes

During the process of using Facebook, many accounts suddenly received a message that Facebook was disabled for unknown reasons. To avoid being disabled, as well as learn about the most common causes of disabled facebook accounts, please follow ElectrodealPro’s article below!

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Maybe you don’t know, Facebook has developed a new security system that can detect even the smallest suspicious activity on the user account. Whenever it detects something unusual, Facebook immediately sends an alert to users and asks to authenticate its account. However, the biggest limitation of this system is the dollar when it is possible to “misunderstand” users as bad actors and disable their accounts.

The reason is that the facebook account is misplaced

Why Facebook is disabled, common causes

If you do not know where your account is disabled, continue to the article Why Facebook is disabled, the common causes below of ElectrodealPro.

Article Contents:
1. Cause the Facebook account is disabled.
2. How to open a Facebook account is disabled.
3. How to disable Facebook account.

1. Cause the Facebook account is disabled

There are many reasons why your Facebook account is temporarily disabled:

+ Facebook database update

Facebook periodically updates its database to purge and remove fake or duplicate accounts. If accidentally “listed” on this list, your account will be temporarily deactivated, or even blocked.

+ Your account is reported (reported)

It is possible that some user reports or reports that your account is fake and asks Facebook to block it. However, only in case if there is a large number of reports that your account will be locked and deactivated.

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+ Do not follow Facebook rules

In case if you do not comply with the rules and policies of Facebook, the social network will display a warning on the screen. If you constantly receive these alerts and you still violate, Facebook will immediately disable temporarily, worse than lock your account.

+ Suspicious activity

Other causes of disabling your Facebook account may be due to social media detecting suspicious activities, and to protect your account, you should temporarily disable your account.

+ Add friends in bulk on Facebook

The last reason why your Facebook account is disabled is that you’ve just added a bunch of new Facebook friends, even sent out a large number of friend requests. This is because the platform lists you as a robot and spam should disable and deactivate the account.

2. How to open a Facebook account is disabled

If unfortunately your Facebook account is disabled and do not know how to get your account back, readers can refer to the article on how Unlock Facebook account is disabled ElectrodealPro follow the steps to get back your account quickly!

3. How can Facebook account be disabled?

Here are some tips and tricks to avoid your Facebook account being locked, temporarily disabled:

+ Comply with Facebook terms and policies

Go through Facebook’s terms and policies for an overview of the restricted activities on the platform and avoid them if you don’t want your account disabled.

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+ Avoid using proxy servers

It is best not to use a proxy server. Facebook’s latest security system might suspect you are a bad guy trying to illegally access someone else’s Facebook account.

+ Avoid signing in with accounts on multiple devices

Finally, avoid signing in to your Facebook account on multiple devices, as Facebook may suspect your account is being accessed by other users on other devices.

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The above are some of the reasons, the reasons why Facebook accounts are disabled. Let’s say if your Facebook account is blocked, readers can refer to the article Way to login Facebook blocked on Laptop, PC, Android, iOS on ElectrodealPro to learn how to access your account.


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