Why doesn't macOS have the Cut / Paste feature like on Windows?

Why doesn't macOS have the Cut / Paste feature like on Windows?

One very basic thing that anyone using macOS knows, is that it doesn't have Cut / Paste, Control X features like on Windows. But do you know why such a basic thing that macOS does not? I have found out and want to share it again with you in this article.

In Windows and other environments, users need to decide whether to cut or copy, and then choose whether to use Ctrl C or Ctrl X to suit the situation. Paste is merely the act of bringing content to a new location in the file browser. This feature has a few shortcomings:

  • For example, when you want to Copy, but then change your mind to Cut, then we will have to manipulate it again so that the system understands the command we want.
  • The nature of the Cut is that it will remove the file from where it currently exists, the system will put these content or data into another "area" to be ready to move to another location. But if the hard drive or the system has a problem before the user can paste the data, the data may be damaged or lost.

On macOS, there is only the Copy command, if you want to move that data, you will use the keyboard shortcut Command Alt V. It is different in file management nature. At this point, the data will be remembered by the system as being "copied", and it will remain in the location where it was originally located. Only when we use Move with the shortcut above or Paste with Command V will the system execute the transfer. This fixes the shortcoming I mentioned above. And in essence, the "Cut" command does not originally exist in a Unix environment, but macOS is based on Unix. So it's not that macOS is missing this feature, they have calculated it so that it does not happen.

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