Why does the car stall in the middle of the road?

Why does the car stall in the middle of the road?

Sudden car stall in the middle of the road will cause owners a lot of trouble. Understanding what causes a car to stall in the middle of the road is a good way to prevent this.

The cooling system has a problem

Malfunctioning cooling systems is a common problem and can easily lead to stalled cars. There are many causes of a cooling system failure. For example, leaks cause cooling water to drain, and cooling fans are no longer working. As a result of this situation, the car’s temperature increases, the car’s engine goes into overheating, resulting in an explosion and outage.

Sufficient supply of coolant is requiredSufficient supply of coolant is required

Malfunction of cooling system can be predicted by observing the cooling water temperature meter. Besides, the car owner can feel the engine running more lumbering, the noise from the engine appears. When these warning signs are detected, vehicle owners need to find a safe place to park and open the hood to cool down, and check the internal cooling system. If there is simply a shortage of cooling water, the car owner should immediately add fresh water to replace or if there is spare cooling water, provide the car.

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Gearbox oil exhausted

Depleted gear oil is also one of the causes of cars being stalled. Therefore, the vehicle owner should regularly check the amount of gearbox oil remaining in the vehicle. Testing can take place simply by manual. Car manufacturers recommend that owners watch the gearbox oil level when the engine is warm. When checking the transmission oil level, be careful not to let foreign objects get inside the engine.

Fire or run out of lubricating oil

Currently on the market there are many types of engine lubricants, some of which are of poor quality. When using this type of oil, cars will get fouling inside the engine or burn lubricant. In addition, leakage may occur in the oil system causing the lubricant to be exhausted. When not lubricated, the engine parts will rub against each other, the engine will be bundled and even the arm will be broken. Vehicle owners should observe engine oil pressure warning lights and underbody after moving. If the oil leaks, the vehicle owner will notice liquid flowing down to the area below the underbody.

Vehicle owners should use high quality lubricantVehicle owners should use high quality lubricant

Clogged fuel

The fuel filter is used to remove dirt from the fuel. After a period of use, this filter can be clogged, causing fuel to not reach the engine and causing the car to stall. Therefore, the car owner needs to regularly take the car for maintenance to replace the new fuel filter promptly. When the fuel filter has a lot of dirt but it is not too clogged, the owner can see that the car moves less loading, weak start, which is a sign that the new fuel filter needs to be replaced.

The fuel filter may contain a lot of dirtThe fuel filter may contain a lot of dirt

Damaged petrol pump / oil pump

If the car owner has exhausted the fuel too many times, the fuel pump could be suddenly damaged and lead to engine death. The reason is that the fuel pumps in current vehicles are soaked in the fuel tank and utilize the main fuel source for lubrication and cooling. Excessive fuel will cause the fuel pump to heat up and damage. When the fuel pump is broken, the vehicle owner must replace it. So limit your vehicle usage to the point of running out of fuel.

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Damaged electrical system

Using the car for a long time but not maintaining the electrical system or getting the car flooded are the main causes of the failure of the electrical system. Failure of the electrical system will adversely affect the operation of many other parts of the vehicle. The worst is leading to cars or stalled condition.

Flooding may cause the system to failFlooding may cause the system to fail

Any part of the electrical system that is broken needs to be replaced completely. Vehicle owners can recognize the status of the electrical system through the following signs: the signal of the control box flickering or losing.

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