Why does the car bleed?

Oil leaking in a car is a quite dangerous phenomenon, so it is necessary to quickly find out the cause to fix it in time, to avoid a bad situation from occurring.

The most important use of this oil is for lubrication. Most of the raw materials for engine production are made of metal, so when operating, it is unavoidable that there is friction between machine parts. The car needs oil to lubricate to reduce friction, and at the same time, it helps the piston to work smoothly and smoothly. The oil will be injected into the engine by the pump system. Besides the lubricating effect mentioned above, lubricants also have many other important uses.

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Engine oil plays a very important role in cars

  • Use of cooling: The engine temperature when operating is usually very high, if the temperature is too high, the piston may burn or the engine stops working. The oil keeps the engine cool, limiting the risk of temperature rise.
  • Sealing use: The oil is likened to a soft cushion between the piston wall and the cylinder, so that during the entire fuel combustion, the pressure will not be. leaked.
  • Anti-rust effect: Lubricant helps to limit the surface of metal parts in the car to the outside air. Therefore, minimizing oxidation, reducing the risk of rust for the internal components of the engine.

As such, oil plays a very important role in cars. If oil spills last too long, oil will be severely depleted.

Why does the car have oil flow?

The “trigger” washer, also known as the spark plug gasket, the engine cover washer, this part will be affected after a long time of operation. The aging of the trigger is the main cause of oil leaks in cars. Most popular cars today will encounter this situation after operating for a long time or a very long distance.

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Oil leaks in the car due to the aging of the trigger gaskets

After 10 thousand kilometers of travel, the engine compartment will be heated up by the engine, resulting in a stiffening of the trigger gasket and a subsequent shrinkage. The trigger was originally made from rubber material. Therefore, when shrinking, it will not be possible to cover the engine oil and as a result, the engine oil will leak and spill out. Most car owners will not notice this situation, even some people know this situation but still deliberately ignore it because of subjectivity.

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Many people do not know that if this situation continues for too long, the gasket gap will get bigger and bigger, causing the oil leak to increase. Gradually the oil will run out, not enough to lubricate the engine. The internal parts of the engine are subjected to friction for many days, leading to rapid failure, the engine easily overheats, and even burns the piston.

The driver can observe the car’s oil spill with the naked eye

Oil leaking is a fundamental fault that can be observed with the naked eye. Oil spillage of a vehicle can be judged when looking at the junction between the cylinder head and the body of the cylinder. The driver should pay attention to all liquid spilling out of the vehicle. After detecting an error, the owner needs to deal immediately, not subjective to delay.

The car owner should bring the car to the auto maintenance center so that the professional repair staff can fix the problem. This error only takes about 2 hours to be completely resolved, the repair cost is not too expensive, falling around 1 million. If you delay fixing the problem of a leaking car, owners can spend more money on repairs later. The life of the car parts will be reduced, and the risk of engine explosion increases.


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Repair of oil spills should be done as soon as possible

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In addition, the vehicle owner should change the oil periodically, take the car for regular maintenance to check the status of engine oil, the oil pump system, the trigger gaskets … For parts worn too much, it is necessary to replace immediately. ie, should not continue to use. Note when replacing trigger gaskets, find out and choose quality gaskets. Currently, there are a lot of poor quality auto parts entering the market, if you buy poor quality gaskets, the phenomenon of oil leaks will soon return.

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