Insight into nature: Why does Samsung refuse to sell the soft price list but sell it expensive and have a great promotion? - Photo 1.

Why does Samsung refuse to sell the soft price list but sell it on expensive and "big" promotion?

Perhaps the fans of Samsung in Vietnam are familiar with the sales policy of this company: to buy the top Galaxy is given a pile of gifts brought back. For example, depending on the store, this year's Galaxy S10 can be donated with a wireless wireless headset, Galaxy Buds, ClearView holster, coupons, insurance packages, Bluetooth speakers, backup batteries, etc. .v … Last year, buyers of S or Note were given wireless chargers and DeX cables for their phones to "transform". In 2016, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge also included GearVR, Samsung's pioneering product in the field of virtual reality.

The markets that sell phones under subscriber contracts like the US and South Korea are even more aggressive. When signing a long-term contract, users of these countries can even "buy one get one free", that is to buy one more for a couple of children to use … You will Never seen Apple take a similar step. The question is why?

Samsung: Not selling at the top of the bargain price, but always offering a lot of gifts.

Answer: Because of Samsung's position

There is a strange thing that few people realize: Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO's top products so far have yet to face head to head with Samsung and Apple products. The P30, Mi 9, or Reno models cost the original price (i.e. the price at home in China) is only about 500-600 USD, which is only in the "high-end" section.

On the other side, Galaxy S10e is a "soft" version that has started from 750 USD, on par with iPhone XR. The most expensive version of the S models or Note has reached 1000 USD for a long time. If Huawei, Xiaomi and OPPO still try to sell "cheap" to sell, Samsung will fight hard with Apple: no need to care about the price, only care about the high level of hardware, the quality Good of software only.

With such a position, Samsung cannot lower the price of Galaxy S or Note models. Because when the iPhone starts at a thousand dollars, selling Galaxy S or Note at a price of only 600-700 USD will make many people psychologically that Samsung smartphone is worse than iPhone. Even Huawei when selling Mate and P in Europe also pushed prices up, hoping users will see Huawei's top rank with the same level as Samsung and Apple. Smartphone which has always contained the meaning of "ego", Samsung is the representative of the high-end segment, can it lower itself to stand next to Chinese smartphones?

Insight into nature: Why does Samsung refuse to sell the soft price list but sell it expensive and have a great promotion? - Photo 2.

Price determines a part of the class: Can't put Galaxy S / Note down on iPhone!

But this one will lose the other … Although Samsung smartphone surpasses the camera, screen or especially the software experience, Android users often carry the configuration comparison psychology. If just configured up and willing to accept the use of "Android iOS clones", many people will choose Huawei and Xiaomi instead of Android.

Not to stop here, one of the reasons why Android has been expanding and Samsung has achieved the No. 1 global position is because Apple refuses to sell cheap, open doors for Samsung and other Android companies to launch fill products. blank. The "bargain" mentality has deepened into the Android world, forcing Samsung to find ways to make buyers of Galaxy S and Note believe they are getting attractive deals from manufacturers.

Two conflicting psychologies create a dreadful situation for the Korean giant. How to keep the position of the top product while attracting users? The answer is of course "terrible promotion". When Samsung sells Galaxy S10 at a high price with lots of gifts, buyers can still be proud that they are holding the best Android products … On the other hand, they can still feel comfortable when they are Give a lot of high quality accessories to enhance the experience even further.

Insight into nature: Why does Samsung refuse to sell the soft price list but sell it expensive and have a great promotion? - Photo 3.

Right strategy: Create a comfortable psychology for users, and enhance the Samsung experience in general.

Perhaps because of that, Samsung is still at the top of the Android world. On the one hand, Galaxy S and Note still outperform Chinese smartphones in terms of class and price. On the other hand, Samsung still creates more "value" mentality than Apple. Turning tough pincers into a competitive edge, only Samsung can do it before.

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