Why the coder likes to do the night - The confidences of a coder over 30 years of experience show the reason for that - Photo 1.

Why does coder like to do night

There's a funny saying: programmers are like machines that can turn coffee into lines of code. Indeed with night owls like programmers, coffee is not only a regular drink, it is also a fuel so they can operate at their full capacity at night.

But why is night the favorite time for such programmers? It is hard to say this to everyone, but the confidences on the Quora page of a veteran programmer with more than 30 years of experience like Max Kielland below can show us part of the reason for this.

"I can only talk about this based on my own experience with over 30 years of experience in programming. Many managers, CEOs and colleagues tried to take me to the office" at work hours. "and all failed – OVERVIEW. In the office, I was completely distracted and until I found my" thoughts ", some security guards would kick me out of the building because it's time to close.

Becoming a programmer is not like flipping a hamburger or any other job, when you just need to finish the pre-set and go home. Programming is a highly creative and abstract process. Reading good lines of code is like reading poetry, and like any other artist, like painters, writers, designers, … we can't create and produce 100% of the time from 8 morning to 5 pm.

We all need different environments to promote and stimulate our minds. When I'm stuck somewhere, I just need to distract myself by spending time with my friends, going down the street to find some coffee, looking at people and relaxing. I know my subconscious will continue to handle unfinished work and a solution from nowhere can suddenly happen in my mind.

However, this can be a bit difficult when in the middle of the night in a small town sleeping.

Why the coder likes to do the night - The confidences of a coder over 30 years of experience show the reason for that - Photo 2.

Night work will make the coder not have to paste warning messages on his back like this.

So when all my colleagues, CEO and managers gave up pulling me to the office and leaving me free, I threw away my watch and the alarm went off. I went to bed when I was tired and slept until I wanted and then got up to work. It doesn't matter at midday or night, I choose to listen to my body more. That makes me most productive and I choose to work from night to day. At that time:

– Nobody called.

– No need to reply to email.

– No need to talk.

– Nobody looks over your shoulder (don't worry about anything).

I also work at home when I'm tired, but I'm only a few meters from the bed anyway. This helps relieve the stress that I have suffered for a whole night of tiredness to die before I go to sleep.

Even when going on-site for foreign customers (I travel a lot of places in the world), I have some conditions: A good hotel room with lots of space and a big table, a curtain big picture, good internet connection and some shipping agreements to take me between the hotel and the customer's headquarters when needed. That's because I have the best performance when sitting still and working in a hotel room.

Why does the coder like to do the night - The mind of a coder over 30 years of experience shows the reason for that - Photo 3.

It sounds cool right? But for me, this is my way to maximize productivity and customers don't have to care as long as I present solutions that work well and because I can work with my best performance, I can give very fast results and everyone is happy, a win-win deal.

Of course, I will have to adjust to the real world as needed, for example, customer meetings. This is probably the only time I need an alarm clock.

When working without any watches, it seems that I will join the rhythm of sleeping in the morning and get up at noon. Depending on the deadline of the job, my "daytime" (when I wake up) time may be longer than usual, not 24 hours a day, but can be up to 28 hours or even 30 hours everyday. This is due to changing my "night time" (when I start to sleep) a few hours a day until I return to the normal life of the real world.

And go back to the original question. Programmers often work at night because it is the best time for them to work, when there is no phone, no email or no one looks over their shoulder. "

That doesn't mean you will see IT companies with empty offices during the day and crowded at night. It does not mean that every programmer is a night owl with bruised eyes, that is, every programmer must determine his best working time and how to team work with the city. other members in the group.

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