Why do we check but do not detect fake petrol in Dak Nong in 2018? - VnReview
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Why do we check but do not detect fake petrol in Dak Nong in 2018? – VnReview

In 2018, Dak Nong Department of Science and Technology twice inspected petroleum in the locality but only found one business establishment violating regulations on quality.

There are checks but few errors detected

In the process of investigating the case, the authorities are currently clarifying nearly 10 petrol and oil shops in Dak Nong related to the production line and fake petrol distribution.

It is worth noting that in April 2018, the Ministry of Science and Technology requested the Departments to check the quality of local petroleum. Following this requirement, Dak Nong Department of Science and Technology organized 2 inspections on petrol quality and labeling of goods in June 2018. By 9/2018, this unit continued to inspect the observance of the law on standards, measurement and quality of petroleum with 28 local business establishments.

However, it is worth noting that the test results of these two sessions are less effective. More specifically, during the first inspection, the inspection team conducted work with 4 petrol trading establishments in Dak Nong province and took 5 gasoline samples to check. The result of finding a business violates regulations on quality. That is A95 petrol model of Hiep Thu Trading and Service Co., Ltd. The company was later fined 36 million and stripped of a 2-month business license. In the inspection in September 2018, functional units took 9 petrol samples to check but found no violations.

In response to the press, Mr. Bui Huy Thanh – Director of Dak Nong Industry and Trade Department said that 3 companies located in the line of producing and selling petrol, selling fake gasoline are not partners to sell gasoline to shops under business licenses granted. . Gas stations in Dak Nong directly take fake petrol from 3 companies to sell to people.

Along with that, leaders of Dak Nong Department of Science and Technology said that when inspections are carried out according to plan, they should notify enterprises in advance. This makes fake petrol stores have time to prepare to deal. Even in a gas tank with many compartments, when checked, the wrong stores will take samples of the quality product compartment.

Responding to the press about the responsibilities of the authorities of the provinces and cities when not discovering the fake gas, Colonel Le Vinh Quy – Deputy Director of Dak Nong provincial police said: ‘This must be gradual. We are proving before we have the following petition '.

Which provinces did fake petrol go to?

Detective Trinh Sieu is closely related to the line of fake petrol production and trading. At the investigating agency, this person claimed to receive friends only for mixing fake gasoline.

More specifically, in each transaction, businesses sell fake petrol to shops with a 26m3 tank truck. This action is done directly so there is no invoice. Stores then sell directly to consumers.

The fake petrol line related to the accused Trinh Sieu distributes products to shops throughout the North, Central and South. In particular, there are provinces such as Dak Nong, Dak Lak, Can Tho, Soc Trang, Khanh Hoa, Nghe An, Ha Tinh, Hai Phong …

Not only related to fake gasoline production and distribution lines, the accused Trinh Chang also had to deal with smuggling. In 2015, this object used to be involved in gasoline trading and regulated a shipment worth 40 billion VND. However, the enterprise of the accused was only fined 50 million VND and returned to gasoline for violations. Not long after, the Coast Guard Command found his ship carrying 200,000 liters of illegal gasoline.


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