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Why do so many people like Dark Mode, what are its benefits? Do you use Dark Mode

Both iOS and Android will bring the dark interface across the system to users in a very close time. Previously, a series of applications have added dark mode into customization so that users can choose to use it and I see many people are excited about this dark mode. So how does Dark Mode really benefit?

It should be said that the dark interface will promote its full advantage when used on OLED displays. For those who do not know the OLED screen (Organic LED) when displayed in black, those pixels will turn off or operate at a lower energy level, which is different from the mechanism of the LCD screen, from that will show a deep black, more pleasant, and that also saves energy consumption significantly.

Previously, OLED screens were generally quite expensive, more than LCD technology, and were only equipped for high-end phones. However, OLED displays are becoming more popular and more equipped, for example, in 2019, Apple will equip all OLED displays on its iPhone models. This leads to the benefits of using Dark Mode more clearly because OLED screens are used more. And we look forward to it more.

Energy benefits
We know that OLED screens using dark / black arrays will save a lot more battery power, which is true for Android OLEDs, true for the iPhone OLED. That's because when displayed in black, the pixels on the OLED screen will not work or operate less energy with dark colors. Google has provided some data on how devices use darkmode at the Android Dev Summit event, when they tell programmers about what will help save battery for apps.

Google has also confirmed that they have researched and taken thorough statistics, showing that when using Dark mode, energy benefits will increase significantly. For example, in the figure below between iPhone 7 using LCD and Pixel using AMOLED. When max brightness is turned on in normal mode, Pixel consumes a little more, 250mA compared to 230mA. But when turning on dark mode, this number drops to 63%. In addition to brightness, the battery life depends on what color the pixel is lit.

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Benefits in terms of user experience
When new, dark mode is something very new and fun, which makes many people like it and want to experience it. Dark mode, when experienced, will give you a calming feeling and will not give your eyes a long look, especially for those who often use the phone in the dark. Turning off pixels in areas of inactivity also helps reduce the amount of blue light entering the retina, how well the effect of blue light makes us know. Some applications when turning on dark mode also have a new color scheme between very nice details.

However with my personalities (and I am sure there are a few people like), I don't like dark mode and often don't use it. The reason is that I often use my phone in a place with full and strong light. Black screen when used under extremely uncomfortable and hard-to-see light, the feeling of unclear details. Best shown when FB Messenger is new to dark mode, I turn it on for a few hours and then turn it off because it's hard to see.

And what about you, do you like and use the dark interface, share it.

Lê Phú Khương

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