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Apple is a very famous name and has many fans around the world. But besides that, many people hate Apple. Every article about Apple in the media always has two opposite waves. But why is a world-leading brand that consistently creates the best devices for users hated?

In a recent survey, called "Consumer Brand Hate," it sought out the brand that most hated consumers. Surprisingly, 12% of participants said they hated Apple, which is also the highest. Next is Walmart with 9%.

The more valuable brands are, the more people hate them

It is a fact that the more famous you are, the more people know it, the more people will hate. The results of the survey also prove that, when the brands with the largest number of haters are also the brands with the highest value.

Apple has always been in the lead, is the brand with the highest value, the most success, and also the most praise. But that also led to Apple being like a magnet to attract attacks, disparaging when any problems occur.

Apple is completely different from the entire smartphone world

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Users often tend to stick with the products they have chosen. That's true in the world of technology and more specifically smartphone. Smartphones have become an essential part of our lives. So much so that if someone were to disparage the smartphone you're using, that might be like an insult.

When it comes to the smartphone world, it is divided into two distinct halves: Apple (iOS) and Android. While Android is divided into other small groups such as Samsung, LG, OnePlus, Xiaomi, etc., Apple stands alone. Therefore, Apple is always considered the enemy of other Android smartphone manufacturers.

It's easy for you to get into a debate to defend your thesis about the Android smartphone you're using, and against the iPhone. A lot of people who use Android smartphones will have prejudice against iPhones, as well as Apple.

Because Apple is another standard of consumerism

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Apple has a special way to convince users to spend large sums of money on their products. By bringing out the best, but also by advertising, marketing, creating a mysterious aura that makes people worship the apple.

However, there are many people who are not convinced by these things, they think it is wrong to spend thousands of dollars on a technology product that has many alternatives at much cheaper prices. That's completely wrong with materialism, and maybe they hate Apple because it does the opposite.

For the fans of Apple

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Maybe something is not obnoxious by itself, but the fan community causes many negative and aversion. For a lot of people, it is absolutely right to see Apple fans. The community is huge and there is an excessive level of cult of Apple products, regardless of whether they are good or not.

Even if your feelings toward Apple are neutral, but when you are an Apple fan trying to convince how great Apple products are, they can have the opposite effect and cause you to become hate Apple more.

Because Apple is more concerned about profits than users

Although Apple has always brought the best products, concerned about the user experience. But Apple is also very interested in profit. For example, the business of accessories, only sold with a slow charger so users are forced to spend money to buy faster chargers, provide low storage capacity for users to buy more advanced versions.

Apple also arbitrarily reduced the performance of the iPhone to fix battery errors, but also caused users to accept to buy a new iPhone. Apple also misled users with iPhone advertising images. All are aimed at achieving higher profits.

Apple products are quite expensive

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From iPhones, iPads to MacBooks or accessories, Apple's products are in the high-end segment and the price is not cheap. Not everyone can pay such large sums of money for a technology product. That created a barrier, between those who were eligible to buy Apple products and those who didn't.

Like the rich-poor gap, there will be jealousy and hatred. Apple may sell its products at a cheaper price, but its strategy is to increase profit margins. Apple also killed low-cost iPhones, such as the iPhone SE, that displaced consumers in newly developed countries.

And those are just a few reasons why Apple is so hated. In the recent past, there was one more reason that even Apple fans hate it, because the products have too many defects. From the hardware failure of the MacBook Pro to the constant software bug on the newly launched iOS 13, Apple has lost its perfection. If that continues, perhaps the number of people who hate Apple will grow rapidly.

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