Why do hundreds of Go-Viet drivers strike?

Why do hundreds of Go-Viet drivers strike? – VnReview

The new policy of Go-Viet is said by drivers to exhausted them …

On the afternoon of July 18, hundreds of Go-Viet drivers are still gathered in the area of ​​Tru Dinh street, Go-Viet Company office in District 3 (HCMC).

Many drivers said they would give up Go Viet

Vo QN driver said, yesterday 17/7 Go-Viet still applies the policy if running 10 hoes / day will be rewarded 30,000 VND, running 18 hoes will be rewarded 90,000 VND and running 28 hoes / day will be rewarded VND 180,000. Each pickaxe will be counted 1 point and run in rush hour from 6-9 hours and from 17h -20h will be counted 2 points / hoe.

But on July 18 suddenly Go-Viet changed. Specifically, the driver will receive a total of 40,000 VND, 120,000 VND and 240,000 VND when reaching 40, 64 and 80 points. Regulations for calculating points are the same.

"The reward level for Go-Viet is higher, but it is also higher to receive this bonus. For example, to run 80 points, running hard all day is probably not enough to receive rewards. new drivers simultaneously pulled up the strike company", N. driver shared.

Driver N.V.Tuan is a second-year student who says that because of studying and working, he rarely receives rewards. "Only take advantage of the weekend to run the sewing and get bonus at the lowest level. But with the new policy, it is very difficult to ask for more hoes to get rewarded", Tuan said.

The Go-Viet side also issued a notice saying it will not change this policy. However, the driver's opinion was still noted.

This is not only the first time the driver complains about changing policies of the Go-Viet app, with investors from Indonesia.

Earlier, in August 2018, Go-Viet driver also used to go after the company changed its bonus policy from 300,000 dong / day for driver to 28 picks / day to 180,000 dong. The policy change made the driver struggling to plow a lot of hoes to earn bonus points. A driver once said, to run 28 hoes a day when the driver is almost 24 hours a day plowing on the road. "A policy of exhausted to have money".

According to a transport expert, a driver running an average of 8-10 hours needs to rest. Passing this threshold will not guarantee the health and safety of customers. However, Go-Viet's policy requirements for rewards are doubled, meaning that the driver wants to be rewarded with double the strength compared to before. This regulation will not be met by many people. "The strike is not a few dozen but hundreds of drivers and lasts all day, the company should review its policy," the expert said.

According to Traffic Newspaper

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